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      Macro 30mm 400iso, 1/320th f/9

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      I think the unusual crop works pretty well in this case.

      I don’t know much about macro photography, but I’m wondering why does this look somewhat grainy even though ISO is 400?

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      Rob Eyers

      I find yellow to be a difficult colour to capture Rob. This is very nicely handled IMHO and I also love the interesting aspect ratio.

      Not sure but I suspect that the grainy parts are from over sharpening. Although I agree with what you have chosen to sharpen it falls apart if the image is viewed large. Maybe some tight masking of the sharpening would be in order on this one or possibly a different sharpening technique such as blur sharpening.

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      Surprisingly it looks like you did very little in the way of post-processing in LR, Rob. After reading the comments on the sharpening, I was expecting the Contrast and Clarity to be adjusted as these tend to cause some ‘funkiness’ in the image sharpness.

      Exposure2012 0
      Contrast2012 0
      Highlights2012 -33
      Shadows2012 +29
      Whites2012 +38
      Blacks2012 -18
      Clarity2012 0

      ParametricShadowSplit 25
      ParametricMidtoneSplit 50
      ParametricHighlightSplit 75
      SharpenRadius +1.0
      SharpenDetail 25

      A couple of quick thoughts…

      Based upon the shallow depth of field as it pertains to the ‘sharp’ areas… possibly try focus-stacking to achieve a greater depth of field for the sharpness.

      My only thoughts toward the image is check to see how it looks to you eyes when you… reverse it ‘horizontally’ as well as ‘vertically’. Perhaps one of the combination may appeal to your eyes more.

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      Sorry to “toss the cat amongst the pigeons” Rob.   I would crop severely on the right and somewhat on the left.  Am less concerned about other things.  Would be a boring world if we all saw things the same way  😀

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        Erik Fransman

        I agree with Jim on the crop. It is macro so get close. Especially too much space on the right distracts. (a bit on the left too.)  The noise is quite strong for 400 ISO. Any idea where that comes from?

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      Yup.  I do not think you need quite so much background blur on the right side.  Do not take our attention away from those wonderful hanging droplets!

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      Dave Watkins

      Deleted my post. Was just repeating what had already been said.

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