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Tips and Tutorials Photography Blog

Real tutorials by real photographers means you will get better at your craft quicker. Jump in and start to learn photography with Light Stalking!

Photography Community

Our community of professional photographers and amateurs alike offer a friendly and supporting environment for your photography. Join in the famous Shark Tank for hard and real feedback or relax and have a laugh in the Chit Chat area.

Open Your Free Photography Digital Locker

You can open your own digital locker full of free photography guides and downloads at our sister site on!

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The Nitty Gritty

This is what you need to know about Light Stalking

What is Light Stalking?

Light Stalking is a photography blog and community that is aimed at helping people take the next step in their photography journey through useful tutorials and a tight-knit support from people at the same stage. You can register here.

What is “The Shark Tank?”

The Shark Tank is a sub forum on Light Stalking where you will get useful feedback on improving a photograph. But there's a catch. It will be constructive negative feedback. This is our attempt to solve the “I love your photo” problem of other sites where the feedback is always positive, but not very useful for improving.

What is Photzy?

Photzy is our sister site where you can register and get access to a “digital locker” full of photography education goodies like free guides, videos, presets and courses. You should sign up here – it's free and awesome.

What is Presetify?

Presetify is where we offer premium Adobe Lightroom Presets. We have various packs available for individual purchase, but the most popular thing over there is definitely Club Presetify where you get a premium collection of Lightroom presets sent to your inbox every week.

Who Are You Folks?

You can read more about us on our about page.

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