Richard Dubieniec

  • Thanks zeroequalsinfinity for your observations. I agree. Detail has a fascination in itself but is just one element in the many that might add up to making a compelling image. My imagemaking was developed through forty years in fine art, and the opportunity with photography to control the process from capture to print, with freedom […]

  • Hi Rich, I use a Canon EOS20 and an EOS550 ( favouring a 60mm Ef-S lens ) and work in full sunlight where posssible. Post op in Photoshop where I adjust levels, and colour, and carefully correct verticals and horizontals ( a particular obsesssion of mine). Printing at 2880 x 1440. Currently looking at HD […]

  • I’m hoping to find others with the same interest, challenges, and experience. I work with an Epson 9800 producing prints on watercolour paper up to three metres x one metre+. I hope to learn from others’ experience in everything from optimum high definition capture, through processing and printing; and share interests in creativity in the […]

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    I run a gallery, workshop, and printroom in Chantelle in the Auvergne, central France. Working with large format high definition images printed onto watercolour paper using an Epson 9800. The facilities offer a residency for professional artists/photographers at low cost, set in a beautiful medieval town with all facilities and next to a deep and…[Read more]

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