• Put into the Shark Tank but possibly belongs here also as it is sharpened to the extreme to get the effect I wanted.

  • billyspad started the topic Splish Splash in the forum The Shark Tank 6 months ago

    There was a-splishin’ and a-splashin’
    Reelin’ with the feelin’
    Movin’ and a-groovin’
    Rockin’ and a-rollin’          Bobby Darin

  • billyspad replied to the topic Fashion army in the forum The Shark Tank 6 months ago

    Love it Petr. Its exciting and visually stimulates with some nice thought and work in the framing. Got a feeling some pixel peeper will suggest darkening the bright areas. But for me change nothing fella. You knew it had hit the spot when ya posted it so keep it exactly as it is. POTW for me which possibly gives it the kiss of death but if you can…[Read more]

  • Its better cropped for sure Erik but still falls short of what Anne says she was trying to depict.

  • From this viewpoint you have a tiny person and a feeling that the rocks may be big but no feeling or indication that they are huge and massive erosion has taken place. You have ended up with a little person looking out to sea from some sort of observation platform. Cannot see how any cropping suggestion is going to solve the problem that your…[Read more]

  • billyspad replied to the topic Far Horizons in the forum The Shark Tank 6 months ago

    Nice idea but leaves me with the feeling it was composed and lacks the feel of spontaneity which make shots like this really work. Love the tightness at the bottom cos it looks as if she is jumping into the frame. The murky beige color you have chosen does not do a lot for the snap but that’s your choice and if you like it go for it. One thing you…[Read more]

  • billyspad replied to the topic Melloween in the forum The Shark Tank 6 months ago

    Craig it sorta looks like something one would see in a plastic frame in Walmart or similar. Nicely taken technically fine but with little thought about content. Not one to hang in my kitchen but plenty of folks would consider it good enough to fill a space on the wall. This still life genre is much more difficult than folks think so keep…[Read more]

  • Mmmmm I assume these people are at the local Hop as they all seem to have one leg. Or was it a Prosthetic’s R Us organized event?

  • Chosen just cos I like it. Does one need more reason? By Bert in Photo Chit Chat.

  • billyspad replied to the topic Dreaming in the forum General Photo Chit Chat 6 months ago

    Welcome Bert as a guy who generally does not like or see much in taking random candid shots of strangers I have to say I like this. The composition with the moving tram and the group in the background works wonderfully made even better by the slight tilt of the buildings. The fact she has high cheek bones and a dusky complexion works in its favor…[Read more]

  • Looks good to me my man. If the guy is not pleased you can always fire him and watch as the bank repossesses his house and his kids grew thin on welfare leading eventually to his wife leaving him and him sinking even lower and taking to the road as a hobo!

  • billyspad replied to the topic Old Bench in the forum The Shark Tank 6 months ago

    With you all the way in keeping the door and electric meter. The bench is not all that attractive or attention grabbing on its own so the other bits in the image serve to give the viewer at the very least something more to to look at. Not convinced that B/W was the way to go here. The whole beat up downtrodden  look of the place may come across…[Read more]

  • Don’t hold ya breath mate waiting for change!

  • Cool cool processing my man Well done

  • Its not the worse piece of modern art I have seen that distinction lies firmly with Jackson Pollock. This resembles his work as it seems until you chimped at the camera screen or downloaded it to a PC you have really little idea of what your going to get. Result looks arty so post it on a forum and see what happens. No problems with that my man…[Read more]

  • Young Dorothy I am as light as a feather babes. Positively floating in fact. The dumb questions and dumber than dumb comments on fota forums amuse me greatly and make the horns appear on my head. So ask ” would you call this a portrait” or state  “makes we want to know what is behind the curtains” etc and after wiping the tears of laughter away…[Read more]

  • Robert has just given the definitive answer.

    Billy is always suspicious of questions that one should know have no answer and more importantly do not matter. What genre our intrepid snapper decides his/her effort falls into is without importance, it will be judged by whoever views it purely on content. Great candidate for the silly question forum…[Read more]

  • There are possibly no silly questions if we assume the person asking it was serious at the time of seeking advice. There are however always exceedingly dumb questions on fota forums and these will be treated differently depending on how one interprets it. “Should I make the sky more red” is a possible example. Yes cos that will better match the…[Read more]

  • Petr I have to admit your shots have a certain charm but possibly would not hold the viewers interest for very long.

  • Maureen its a guy called Malcolm who is rather shy and hides in the closet when people are around. He has an eodipus complex and a club foot. He lives alone with with a one eyed cat called Derek who is rather fond of sardines. Hope that helps solve the intrigue.

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