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  • Hi all,

    I’m on holiday in Dorset (UK) this week. The weather should hopefully be okay for some evening coastal landscapes. Particularly excited to try shooting in the blue hour as haven’t tried this before! I’m sure many of you have lots of experience with blue hour shooting: How do you find it, compared to golden hour (other than darker, obviously!).

  • Hi Jasenka,

    Thanks for this comment. The vignette certainly hasn’t been popular with this shot, and on reflection, I completely agree! Cheers!

  • Hi Tobie

    Thank you for your comments. I certainly take your point about the foreground interest, although in this case I intentionally kept the composition minimal, intending to feature the horizontal character of the sea, waves and sand, as the only three elements of the image. You may well be right about the colour, as they were strong in this…[Read more]

  • Hi Beth

    Thanks for your comment. The vignette was a mistake in this image, I think. It is a common theme in the other comments too. All very useful feedback. Many thanks.

  • Hi Beth,

    Many thanks for your comments, much appreciated. Good advice there on the vignette, thank you. Your right, when you consider the horizontal nature of the subject, it makes a lot more sense to compliment this with a vignette that doesn’t affect the sides of the image (if indeed a vignette is wise at all in this instance). I’ll also look…[Read more]

  • I recently read the Freebie download on black and white images and thought I’d revisit this pic I took last year. It was early morning and the light was beautiful. I thought the contrast between the deep blue of the sea, creamy waves and the course sand on the beach would work well in mono. I went reasonably heavy on the vignette. Has this panned…[Read more]

  • It’s a great composition, and subject. The colours are striking and I think the reflections in the ceiling add to the framing. Very nice image. I’m curious what it would look like in mono too?

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    Hi Terri! From one newbie to Light Stalking to another, have fun!

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    Hello all, I’m Craig. I’ve enjoyed photography since I was in my teens but have been more engaged than ever in the last couple of years. First love is landscapes really, but am enjoying forays into macro and other photography genres. I’ve become more interested recently in the craft of photography and am really impressed with the breadth of…[Read more]