• northmetrophoto posted on the forum topic Post Production Software in the group HDR: 9y, 3mo ago

    I must agree with thepaparazzo to a degree. Sometimes after we learn this craft we come to realize the camera we have can not achieve the specific task we desire. Photography is like fishing, or golf. We purchase all kinds of gear because we can and it is fun. Lord knows I have enough fishing […]

    • Mike replied 9y, 3mo ago

      Rob Rob Rob. I used to have that many lures as well but 3/4 of mine ended up tied up in some low lying branches on some back woods mill pond where the bass are large enough to swallow your boat. 🙂 The last one I had hooked allowed me to pull it all the way to the side of the boat before it looked me right in the eye and spit out my lure right back at me. I haven’t been the same since.