• I like the first image because of the position of the moon reflection the way it is framed by those trees or bushes.    I really like the color between the two blues in th first image sky.  I wonder if you could bring that out in post.  I do not quite have the right color, but you can better see the area I mean in the image with a gradient map below.

  • Show this one to your wife.  She will know why you stopped to take the shot.  Beautiful!

  • I really like the wide angle view.  I think the big rock in the foreground helps balance all the water coming over the falls on the left side.  (I have been reading about balance in composition books).    I like this even with the tops of the mountains and sky cropped out which I looked at by moving your image up right here.   If you tried the c…[Read more]

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    What you want us to see must be in focus.  Here I see the budding flower below the yellow is most sharp.  To get the yellow sharp you probably need to stack focus.    Next option would be to get closer, zoom in on the most important detail you want us to look at.  Blur the back ground as much as possible.  On way to do that is with the camer…[Read more]

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    Brighten the face to draw more attention to it and darken the shirt.

    Sometimes with a subject you took without permission..try showing him/her the  image you just took and ask to take some more  I have had that work.

  • Tobie: “My tendency would be to have more empty space on the dog’s right than to its left, because it’s leaning towards the right. So give it enough space to run into.”

    Flip the image horizontal, then take content-aware tool and move the dog back to the left side.

    Ran the sharpening tool over the face.

    Hey, I owned a Westie.  Fun dogs!      (…[Read more]

  • New England barns look different , too.  Maybe we should have a “barns in your area”  challenge to show case a variety of looks.   Cows all heading in the same direction portents rain!

  • Yes.  That is a place I would like to be, too.  I like the way you have composed the bend in the distance making it look like the water could go on forever!

  • Because I spend too much time looking at the figures trying to figure them out, they have become a distraction from a very interesting image. On the other hand if there were a person standing on the rock we wold have had a nice sense of scale.  So, I would crop the people out.

  • This is from the pandemic age!  I see a masked face with a scared , worried expression.

  • Look what happened when I gave the background wave “room to grow” upwards.  I tried adding canvas and content-aware and got weird results.  However, just look at the wave in the back.  Boy, were you guys right.  Much better with that added height!

  • Interesting comments, thank you!  I do l like the tighter crop, Ann, and that background wave was not going any higher, so no more height needed for me, but I do know exactly why most of you wanted somewhere fir that splash to go. I actually darkened that reddish rock, because it did look out of place, yet that light brown is its natural color. I…[Read more]

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    Does the life ring really have to be in focus.  No.  Usually I would agree foreground objects work well when in sharp focus.  But, the subject is Man and bike and that what is in focus.  We can see well enough what the life ring is, but because it is soft our eyes do not linger there, but bounce right to what is in focus.  What I wonder is if the…[Read more]

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    I think some object larger than the rock, maybe a wrought iron chair,  or a sand bucket would work on the left.  Something beach related jsut to add balance.  Yet empty negative space might be enough, too!

  • Unfortunately, a the chosen mm if I went hight you would have seen tree tops and empty grey sky.  I also cloned out houses along the shore.

  • On your original image, I used the Gradient Map Adjustment  (second to last at the bottom of the list.)  I chose a gradient that had orange at the ends and yellow in the middle.  (You can learn to make your own).   I change the Blend mode to hard mix, set the fill down to 26%, then turned the opacity to 85%, random numbers, just done to my tast…[Read more]

  • I really like the ring that you have create, it adds a special area of interest. (I could not tell what the water tower was, but I like the silhouette idea)

    When you add a solid color adjustment layer, experiment with the modes, usually with “soft Light” or “Overlay”.  Notice the box that says “Normal”  click on that to bring up the various m…[Read more]

  • Another choice at 1 sec. exposure.  Slightly wider crop to include a splash on the left background shore.  (wondering about rock on right..too much “weight” on that side?)

  • An overcast afternoon, 10 Stop ND filter, f/16, 1/4 sec., ISO 200

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