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    Welcome, Rose Marie! I am also a Rose-Marie (with a hyphen, but the profile doesn’t allow for that). Agreed, LightStalking is a great community and it’s nice to have you here.

  • Lenny, your original image really captivated me! I find myself coming back and back, finding new elements, asking questions. Isn’t that what a good photo should do? I love the somber mood, the unknowing what is behind the hole. Well done!

    The graffiti distracts my eye as the as the brightest object in the frame, but then, it also begs me to think…[Read more]

  • This captures a great memory. You are far braver than I to ask strangers to pose, so good for you! The angle of the harsh sun is really challenging and makes for some unflattering shadows. But you realize that already. Eyeglasses are tricky even in controlled settings; the sun coming through that left lens from behind created difficult…[Read more]

  • Interesting texture, interesting weathered gentleman, interesting story. Leaving the wrinkled hand of the “shinee” creates even more depth to the story. Great capture.

    The image does, however, seem over-processed for my taste. Other folks have mentioned the haloing, which stands out. The clothing has an almost waxy look to it, for lack of a…[Read more]

  • Many great things about this image! The contrasting colors are gorgeous–I do think Jasenka’s edits that reduce the glare on the shine help lessen its distraction. This also makes the pendant lamps pop. The architecture is interesting and caught at such a unique perspective. Really well done!

    What I love especially is that the image begs you to…[Read more]