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      Frank Kinnock

      Hi all.

      Just joined.  I’ve been on a quest for the fabled ‘unicorn’ of an active, friendly and helpful photographer’s forum.

      I’m hopeful that I’ve finally found it!


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      Good to have you here, @digitalmemories – I hope we can help 😉

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      Hi Frank, welcome to LightStalking 🙂 I hope we can be that kind of unicorn for you! What do you like to photograph the most?

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      @digitalmemories Hi Frank, welcome to the forums. Look forward to seeing some of your works here 🙂

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      Frank Kinnock

      Thank you all for the warm welcome!

      My main interests are people – portraits and travel.

      It looks like I need to figure out to post images using links – as there does not seem to be an ‘upload from file’ option?

      Been looking for posting tips for this forum, but can’t seem to find my way around?  I think I’ll try on a laptop, as the mobile interface may not been helping?

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      On the editor below where you write your post, make sure you’re in the “visual” tab and then click the image icon (furthest left) and you can upload.

      It’s a bit clunky on a mobile, but you can still do it. 🙂

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      Frank Kinnock

      Thank you.  The upload button doesn’t seem to appear on the mobile – so I’m, using a desk-top for my first upload test …..

      Cafe Girl

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      Hi Frank, welcome to Light Stalking .. Good choice ;).

      Enjoy mate.



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        Frank Kinnock

        Thank you!

        My test post was a lucky shot taken in a mall last week.  I used a lot of exposure compensation as there was strong backlight – and the result looks a bit like a studio backdrop. 😁

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