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      Hi, my name is Griff, I’m from the UK and fairly new to photography ( I got my first DSLR last Christmas ) I’m  looking to learn and absorb info on how to get better pictures. So far Ive used the  camera specific book for Dummies ( I have the Nikon D3500) and youtube for resources and Im mostly interested in wildlife and landscape photography.
      here’s one of my latest shots.

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      Hello Griff, great to have you here and that’s a pretty good image, it’s not easy to photograph a bird in flight! A few of our members specialize in bird and wildlife photography, I’m sure you’ll enjoy their posts here in forums.

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      Giday Griff, welcome and nice shot mate.

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      @griff136 Hi Griff, welcome to the forums. That’s a nice photo. Look forward to seeing more of your works 🙂

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      Federico Alegria

      Hi there @griff136 welcome to our place! Take a spin at our feedback forum if you’ll be wishing for proper useful reactions to your images. I’m glad that you are making progress on your own, and the best of all, that you are truly enjoying photography!

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