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    I had to look long and hard at this and I think I can feel what its trying to do but I dont think it makes it for me. The arms in the wall blend in too much and seem a bit of an afterthought, when they could be the highlight of the photo. I am not sure how, but if it could be edited to make the arms appear as though they are coming through the…[Read more]

  • I would have to agree that the central position of the boat leaves me feeling its a bit empty, less of heading out into the unknown and more, well empty. I get the detail in the water in the foreground but ti doesn’t make up for the all the negative space. I would have to agree with trying a landscape crop and have the boats bottom right 2/3 of…[Read more]

  • Thanks Graham, one to experiment with then I think.

  • Yes , subtle but effective its taken some of the excessive sheen of the glass and from around the silhouette. I used a flash with no moderation to create the silhouette as I thought the point source would be more effective, any opinion as to whether a soft box or umbrella would have been a better option?



  • Hi and thanks for the comments, really appreciated. I would love to see you edit if possible.



  • D’oh, damn that predictive text😀


    Thanks, I will try your suggestions out and the sharpening seems to be a common thread amongst the contributors so that something to sort out.


  • MaryandNeil started the topic Film Noir style in the forum The Shark Tank 2 weeks ago

    I have been experimenting with Film Noir style photograph and having done some tests am starting to come up with photos that seem to capture the feel of the genre. This is my latest attempt. Taken with my Canon EOS80D with a tampon 24-70 f2.8 lens. Camera settings were ISO 200, f/8.0 1/250s at 44mm. Two speed lights were used, one behind the…[Read more]

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