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    Sorry to “toss the cat amongst the pigeons” Rob.   I would crop severely on the right and somewhat on the left.  Am less concerned about other things.  Would be a boring world if we all saw things the same way  😀

  • I really like what I can see, Jeff.   I think that you are too hard, and demanding, of yourself.  Would like to see a larger image, though.  Did click on it and it remained the same size.  The lighter spots in the right place, to me, make the image.  Well done!

  • Hi PP,  Looking at your three offerings, I have the following comments:

    Re the first image, it has very good leading lines, however is extremely flat.  If you have an interest, then I am sure we could suggest how to correct it.

    Re the second image, not sure why included.

    Re the video, this is not the forum for this.  I did enjoy, pa…[Read more]

  • Many thanks, Federico and Erik, your feedback is most appreciated.

    F:  I took this image quite some time ago, so how I managed to get to these settings is a mystery.  Nevertheless, I have set the upper limits to ISO often in the past, so will keep an eye on this and do so, adding to my repertoire!

    E:  Love the crop.  I have a colleague, ind…[Read more]

  • Many thanks Petr and Jasenka, can do.  However, I am wondering if then the diagonal seeming to sprout out of the top of the harp would also then become a distraction?  Additionally, I would like to select the areas between the strings, which is the most daunting task!  Am wondering if the work involved would be worthwhile?  I have a tendency to…[Read more]

  • Another image I decided to try in monochrome.  Settings were f3.5; 40mms; ISO1000; 1/2000sec.   As taken a while ago, not sure why ISO so high, also why shutter speed so fast.

  • Came across this image that I had shot a while ago, decided to try in monochrome. Settings were f9;  29mms;  ISO200;  1/320sec

  • Just been corresponding my message with one of our other members.  I see that there is currently no way to send an attachment (at least that I can see), which would have helped on this occasion.

    Now, it may well be too difficult or out of the way to set up the option, so that is fine.  Just wondering – possible?

  • Looks very good to me, Pat, though do wonder about two strong colours competing.  I have never got around to trying any of this, it has always struck me as interesting, challenging – and some good fun, too.  You are probably aware that the master and the person to get feedback from on light painting it DavidC.

  • Powerful image ….. and different, Pat – Congratulations!

    Congrats to you too, David – I left Scotland in 1965, on my 21st birthday, for New Zealand.  Now that I am very much older, I appreciate the beauty of Scotland much more now than when I lived there.

  • This year I received two acceptances of my images for the NZ International Salon (bombed-out last year).  One of these received a Photographic Society of America (Worldwide) Ribbon, which is an “Honourable Mention”.  Got it in the mail today – here it is.  🙂  Very pleased, may well be my biggest recognition in photography ever!

  • Thanks Diane and Kent, much appreciated.  Kent, I will look for a suitable background to compare.  As I have him well selected it would be a breeze in one respect.  However as you will know one of the hardest part is to find that background which will suit (it must be something that I have taken)!

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    I engaged with the initial comments, Duncan.  However, the sign on the right “gets to” me!  I would crop it out, as Ken suggests.  If you ask yourself, what does this contribute overall, then you have a response!

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    I love the contrasting colours that each wear, Paul.   I love that the prime subject looks up the our left.  I love the overall composition and colour balance.  What I have to suggest to improve …………. sadly, zilch!   Hope that I am not barred for this, but I do express what I see.

  • Thanks Eric – good point!  I have since also upped the contrast.  Am on my cellphone just now, the image is on the desktop.

  • At the simple stages, at the moment, just spent an hour, or two on this. Taken at a Steampunk event at Thames, New Zealand. I selected the biker and his bike from the background which I deleted. I had selected him, bike and shadow, initally. Then used a grey fill layer for the area behind. Then separately reduced the selection, down to the shadow.…[Read more]

  • With such a marvellous background I would have loved to see them closer, beth!  Great detail.

  • I go with the others, Dave, about shooting low (plus try a bit to your left with some shots to see what happens).

    To me, the most interesting thing is how much the bended flax leaf adds, or detracts, from the image.  In going back to the location, it may, or may not, be still there.  I would be tempted (as I so often am!) to try both, with and w…[Read more]

  • That’s a great story!  Plus, we get to see what Erik looks like – I have to revise my thinking as had assumed that he is more my age (75).  Maybe he has just lead a very healthy lifestyle!  😀

  • Wow, quite a waterfall, there, Beth!   I remember when my wife and I had a motorhome, one time a lone sheep came to the main door and stuck his head in.  If we had not been there, am not sure that he wouldn’t have entered.

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