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    Sarthak Choudhary

    birds of Gauribidanur

    ISO 640



    1/250 s

    Location: Kodaikanal

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    Those colours work really well I think – perhaps there is a bit of grain in the bokeh but I don’t think I would change much about this photo.

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    Hi Sarthak, that’s such a cute bird 🙂

    When it comes to critique, I think that highlights look a bit blown out. I would also use a lower ISO for this kind of scene.

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      Sarthak Choudhary

      The light was really an issue in this place hence the 640 ISO. But I didn’t know noise would be so dominant at such low ISO.

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    Rob Eyers

    I understand Jasenka’s comment about the ISO but you were at 1/250 on a 300mm lens so ISO 640 seems an OK compromise.

    Maybe remove some of the leaves from around the edges that are distractions. The one in the bottom right points to the bird which is a plus. I would also try to lessen the amount the leaves are blown out and crop a bit tighter…something like this maybe.

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      Sarthak Choudhary

      I thought both leaves pointed to the bird. Your crop works better.

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      Fantastic photo , real eye catcher.

      Moving my eyes from the orig to this small edit from Rob , i instantly felt a more balanced image , the two leaf make a nice frame.

      Nice work both.

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    Petr Nowak

    I feel the leaf “above” the bird a little bit disturbing.

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      Sarthak Choudhary

      agreed but I am stuck with it. If I crop the image too much, noise becomes noticeable. Here is another crop where I tried to use leaf and bird in a symmetric fashion. Seems fine to me, don’t know if it works for others as well.

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    Petr Nowak

    Yes, diagonal leafs work much better imho…

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    Graham Hart

    Lovely pic Sarthak and I think Rob’s edit helps to lessen the noise issue by pulling the eye more strongly onto the bird. Did a quick denoise edit with the NIK filter and also a ‘Sharpened for web’ treatment that comes with a luminoisty masking app I have. I think it helps with the noise a bit more;

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    Hi Sarthak @sarthchoudhary i really like this shot and have been reading everyone’s comments and checking out their edits.  I took Graham’s edit and did a content aware fill in PS and removed the upper leaf and i think it made a huge difference and truly made this little guy the subject.

    casual bird click edit-by-dms

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