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    Robert Apple

    In my travels I stumbled on a collection of old Fire Fighting Aircraft as a memorial to those that served and honoring those that gave their lives in the service of this very dangerous type of flying.
    The planes were located behind a 14ft chain link fence and were fairly close to it making normal photography almost impossible, Then I had an idea. I have this $12 dollar , on Ebay new, 12mm f1.4 CCTV lens that is about 4in long and 1in around that I have been carrying around for a while and haven’t really used, so I put it on the camera, stuck the lens through the chinks on the fence and started shooting.
    This was a 4 shot pano.
    I kind of like the effect it created in shooting this subject matter on a rainy day.

    Fire Fighter's

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    Wow. What a great picture and the RED totally makes it.   I hope everyone looks at the larger version to really appreciate this.  Awesome subject.  Heard there was an old aircraft graveyard about 30 or so minutes from where i live, now i will have to go find it.  Thanks for sharing this Robert. (clever way to get around that fence issue.)

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      Robert Apple

      Thanks Dorothy, it was definitely an interesting experiment with some unique results, between the Lens, Rain and ground fog it gave a interesting feel to things, I bought this lens as sort of a experiment in Lomography type photography and it came with a free adapter. There is a electronics recycling vendor in Colorado I contacted to see if they had any old security cameras that I might scavenge some CCTV lenses off of, he said probably about 2000, and if I removed them myself I could buy them for $3 each.
      My name is Robert, and I’m a Lensoholic.

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    John Thompson

    So very well done Robert.  I am curious how did you get the lens to mount?  Or was it made for the camera you were using?

    @dmstringer I would love to have an opportunity to shoot in an aircraft graveyard.  So many stories.

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      Robert Apple

      Thanks John, it came with a free adapter and some extension rings for macro photography, on the M4/3 mounting system for mirrorless cameras you get little to no vigenetting with these lenses, I beleive they work on the mirrorless Fuji’s as well. As I put in my response to Dorothy I have discovered you can get these used for less then the price of a cup of coffee.
      There were several of these Planes there and I got pics of a few of them, more to come, I didn’t get them all as the rain became very heavy and we ran for cover. I am definitely planning to revisit this spot.

      There is a web site for the Museum if your interested, they hadn’t opened for the season yet when I was there, maybe I can get on the other side of the fence next time.

      Museum of Flight and Aerial Firefighting

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    This has really come out so well and and the rain adds a mood to the image. Beautiful colours as well Robert 🙂

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    Lynne Guenther

    Very well executed!

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    Really nice Robert!

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      Keep getting Lynne’s comment written…

      Really Well Done Robert!!!

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      Robert Apple

      Thanks Paul, and when I replied to Lynne it fixed yours.

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    nice find!  love the red nacelles.

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      Robert Apple

      Thanks Beth, I think this plane came from the Royal Canadian Air Force.

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