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      Tried this setup again… This one (low key) I used carbonated water, rather than regular. The straws floated in it, so had to pack them with putty to get them to stay down. It did not “Fizz” as much as I had hoped.  The second (High Key) seemed a bit “Bland”. So my preference is the dark background.

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      Petr Nowak


      I think such an image should be perfect.
      Low key version: I don’t like reflections (top left, bottom left) and white horizontal line various thickness. I wonder if better lightning would provide more presentation of glass mass especially in the top middle.
      High key version: looks to me better. No overblown reflections, good presentation of glass mass. Is horizontal leveled? For me better one.

      I don’t like the colors of straw. Red-white combination looks boring. Red-purple looks weird. I’d use single color straw.

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      Who posted this? Somebody has been deleted who should not have been.

      Hopefully the read this, but if they register again with the exact details (username) as before, it will fix itself.


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