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      Steve Walker

      EXIF is displayed in Flickr. Not much going on and no story, but I generally try for a feeling independent of a narrative.

      I darkened the background and cloned out a few bright spots.

      Out of the dark...

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      Hi Steve:  i like the simplicity of this photo. would suggest cropping off most of the right hand side in order to put the flower on the upper 1/3 cross hair. i see that you mentioned darkening the background, personally i don’t think i would go quite so dark.

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      Petr Nowak

      I like colors. Darkening looks good for me. I’d remove small white spot in the top right corner (visible on Flickr). The left part with bud seems too competitive to the right one. I’d darken it a little bit. The leaf on the left is cut. It looks weird. Can you include whole leaf?

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      Steve Walker

      Thanks for the feedback. I can study the original and, at least, attend to that white spot in the corner and include the full leaf as it fades into the dark.

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