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    Federico Alegria

    Hi there folks, do you have photos that you can never stop watching?

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    Federico Alegria

    Here are my three favorite photos from all time:

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    Federico Alegria

    Martine Franck - The French on Vacation, 1976

    Martine Franck – The French on Vacation, 1976

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    Federico Alegria

    Harold Feinstein – Coney Island Teenagers, 1949

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    Federico Alegria

    Hans Guttmann – Marina GinestĂ , 1936

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    All telling stories. Worth keeping!

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    Saigon Execution – Eddie Adams

    Bloody Saturday – H.S. Wong

    I can’t say my Favorite (too many ) but do say these photos stick in my mind.

    Lovely photos  Federico.

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      Robert Apple

      Interesting Picks Patrick, my history teacher in high school spent nearly a weeks worth of classes on that first one and how it was mis represented here in the USA by the press and anti war activists as a innocent non combantant being executed by a brutal South Korean Dictator and just how a single photo and the power of the press can effect a nation.

      It makes me think of the calls of fake news made today.

      The truth of the story for those who may not know, the man executed was a Viet Kong officer / assasian and leader of one of the most vicous death squads during the war, moments before this photo was taken he was found next to a mass grave of over 30 innocent citizens he and his group had just slaughtered and proudly confessed to the crime.

      FStoppers did a great article on it linked below.
      What You Don’t Know About This Photograph Has the Power To Change Opinions

      In more than content of the photo but how it was used and mis represented truly does make it one of the most revelant photos of the 19th century

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