Birds in a Tree at Sunset

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    Laura Kneedler

    6.3 aperture, 1/500 shutter speed, 400 ISO

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    Laura Kneedler

    I got a new tripod today and wanted to try it out.  Aperture 6.3, shutter speed 1/500, and ISO 400.  It may be a bit noisy.

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    Robert Apple

    The sillouette is neat, I would crop in tighter and go to one bird, the one with the more interesting shadow. The way they are positioned they don’t have a feeling of interaction therefore they carry equeal weight and it draws the eye back and forth with out a anchor.

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      Everything I was going to say, you said Robert, plus you could actually make the post processing change. In general, a bottom line for silhouettes is that they have interesting detail. The bird that was removed, did not have interesting detail. In street photography it makes sense to “work the scene”. I think it does in many kinds of photography. Did you take multiple photos to have the birds in different positions? Robert gave this a compositional boost by going from two birds to one (odd number). Also, it went to “rule of thirds” when the other bird was taken out and it was cropped tighter. While rules are made to be broken, I think there needs to be a reason to break them. For example, if the two birds were interacting that potentially would be of sufficient compositional weight to not worry about the other compositional issues. I think you have a fine picture with Robert’s changes. It started with good bones.

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