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    When the image was rotated 90 degrees clockwise, it took on a new look.  I liked the circular shaped small branch, and the flip really brought more emphasis to it, and the branches have a better diagonal flow to the right.  In the original, the largest branches were silhouettes, but one of the profiles in ACR not only brightened the leaves, but also opened up a view of the bark of the larger limbs.  I tried to bring more light to the center with a dodge and burn. If I can locate this tree again I might try to have the circular branch lined up with an empty sky in its background.  That would help it stand out a bit more.

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    That description was a fine example of talking up an image of a few tree branches mate. What is good about taking snaps is that we all see different things as interesting. Your image to my eye lacks contrast and is over bright. The black and white has done its job of simplifying the image but then leaves (no pun intended) behind the fact that there is very little in fact to look with no particular focal point and nothing standing out of interest.

    I’m sure when you were standing underneath this tree you saw an appeal in those branches, it has not transmitted well to this viewer. Perhaps others will see a story or two and be mesmerized by it. Would like to see a color version to see if that hits the spot that first attracted you to the scene

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    Richard Barnard

    I’m with Billyspad on this one I’m afraid.

    Personally, I don’t see a clear focal point / point of interest and the composition feels somewhat chaotic. The profile appears to have brightened all the leaves to the point of clipping and losing all detail and hence my eye is pulled all over the frame by the competing highlights. The result being, the circular branch becomes an insignificant part of your image and lost in the frame.


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    Yeah, I was afraid of that.  I was zoomed in to full on my camera , 70mm, and the circle was just not enough of an obvious focal point.   I did like the over-exposure on the leaves, so that was intentional.  I also took out the blacks of the largest limb. Guess I eliminated too much contrast needed in low pass B+W. Oh well, thanks for your input.   These are live oak trees with twisting branches aloft.  I know there are good images somewhere among them!

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    Here is where I was standing.  Just look at those branches!  I was scouting locations to photograph at low light hours, and found this road in the rear of a cemetery.

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      Graham Hart

      Frank, I think the B&W version is the basis of an interesting study in tones and contrast but if that was your goal then I think you needed to take it much further. The washed out look of it defeats this purpose I think.

      Having said that, I think the colour version is a far better picture and I agree those trees are fantastic. I did a bit of an edit to try and make the tree tunnel effect stand out a bit more and boosted the contrasts to add a bit of pop to the image.

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    Oh yeah!  I like really like the red in the ground and the deeper blue in the sky.  Thanks, Graham.  Here is the original with more contrast:


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