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    Petr Nowak

    City hall in the morning. PP to hide the mess along street. CC?

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    I’s actually like to see a little more detail in the trees and shadows – I mean, all up (excluding the sky) it’s probably a bit underexposed. On the other hand, those light and dark tones will work great for bw.

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    Petr Nowak

    It’s not underexposed. I did huge PP to remove details. I want to highlight central part of street. Original:

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    Nnam Ari

    Since you want the tower to feature heavily I feel it could use a bit more light so it compensates sufficiently for the dark parts.

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    Robert Apple

    Hey Petr,
    I think that this deserves a re-shoot as it is a interesting shot. The angle of the road is detracting from the over all shot as well as the vantage point. Centering the arrows more squarely in the photo as well as shooting from a lower angle would have helped to make the City Hall more of the focus, the darkening in your original post was a bit overboard as you lost the sun rays outlining the building, more targeted adjustments like just darkening the cars would leave some detail in the photo and help make it a little more natural, the reflection in the car windows actually serve to make another leading line towards the subject. I don’t see the need to eliminate them as much as making the building carry more weight in the photo. I am a bit confused abut the noise in the photo as your exif data doesn’t reflect that type of scenario with your low iso and fast shutter speed.

    Model X30
    Exposure 1/680
    Aperture 4
    Focal Length 12.7 mm
    ISO Speed 200

    Overall there are some good elements here that just need a little tweaking. I did a Very quick down and dirty edit to give you some Idea of what I’m talking about.


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    Nice, Robert.  I like seeing more detail in the trees, but no need to see the cars as brightly as in the original.  How about a person (you, Petra)  walking across the pavement walking to the left almost off the pavement so that we can still see the arrows pointing in the opposite direction.  That might add a bit of interest and tension to go along with the darkened look.

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    Petr Nowak

    @robert+Frank: great comment. I’ll return back and shoot once more. I always miss some opportunities at shooting place like different angle, camera position, etc. Concerning noise: probably my camera.

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    Philip Watts

    I would agree that this needs some sort of very central feature to make the lines work.

    I prefer Roberts framing and perspective, but I do like the original under exposure. That high contrast works for me in this picture.


    Nicely done

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    Petr Nowak

    thanks Philip.


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    Federico Alegria

    Hi there @petrnowak,

    I really like this composition, but the most valuable thing about the thread that has developed here is the variations one can get with the same raw file. Development takes interpretation to a whole different level!

    Personally speaking I like the drama of the first shot, and perhaps a less abusive development on the darks and shadows on the corners might give a more pleasent result.

    Also important to mention here, @robertapple suggested an amazing crop, and I think that is a keeper.

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