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    Kent DuFault

    Very interesting. It appears as a painting. I bet it would look awesome printed large on a canvas print. As I said with your other image… this is so far into the creative that I don’t feel that any constructive criticism is really warranted. I mean… this is clearly your vision. It came from your mind, which is much different (in my mind) from say shooting a picture of a landscape. As a viewer, what am I to conclude from looking at this? I think each viewer will see something different, which is the very nature of abstract artwork. I see an unusually hot early autumn afternoon in the inner-city. One critical comment that I might make is to remove the dark black line on the lower right, as it really draws my eyes down to that corner of the frame and holds them there.

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    Anne Hornsby

    I agree with Kent this is an interesting painterly vision.   My suggestion would be to lighten a great deal the dark  in the center and lower left of the image – which to me looks like the shape of a cat or a baby rabbit with its ears back, which takes a lot away from the image.

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    Kent Thank you for pointing out the black line, it needs to go.

    If indeed each viewer sees something different it will be in my mind a resounding success. That is the idea.

    Thank you for dropping by

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    Anne you saw the same as me a black cat in a pose as if he is about to strike out at the small mouse in the right hand bottom corner. It was intentional so has to stay.

    And yes I think I view it as a fusion of photography and painting but use only Photoshop and would never resort to those perfectly awful turn a fota into an oil painting type filter kits.

    Thank you for taking the time to look and comment.

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    Rob Eyers

    Looking forward to an icon that suits your talents billyspad. 😉

    My only comment is that there seems to be a number of duplicated segments such as the windows and red axe looking object in the upper left. I find these to be technical distractions. This is not my genre though so my comments may be out in left field.

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    OK Rob just to please a change of icon. My talents do not extend to choosing vehicles. The one in the photo was a disaster!

    The background is one photo of a street scene so any duplication’s are the fault of the architect. Nothing to do with ol’ Billy. Thank you for dropping by my friend.

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    Hi Billyspad…………….yeah really enjoy this image…………and your imagination plus confidence to paste it up here! 🙂

    tis ST………..maybe a slight struggle between light and dark…………good work

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    Graham Hart

    Been musing on this one for a bit. Had to get the thesaurus out to put my thoughts into words.

    Yours is a very specific genre of photography Billyspad and so any technical critique is of no value or relevance (which is lucky for me ‘cos I know next to nothing in that regard anyway).

    Yours is a more aesthetic and abstruse vision and so lends itself to pure subjective interpretation which admittedly is exactly what you seek. There is a recondite quality to your images (definition: difficult to penetrate; incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding or knowledge) and so any comments we make reflect a purely personal response to their content.

    Having said all that, my interpretation is a pretty simplistic one. My first thought was one of juxtaposition. I felt like I was standing under a tree in a park peering across a city street toward some graffitied buildings. Nature and modern society co-existing. I can’t really find a deeper meaning because a lot of detail is hidden in shadow and I concluded that this was a deliberate ploy to blur the senses into not seeing more than what was intended?

    Do I like it? Yes and no. I like the idea (which may well be completely wrong but it’s my take on things) but I find myself wondering what’s hidden in the darker areas. Why are they dark? The swaths of black seem out of place somehow. Therein lies my only critque, lighten the dark areas.

    In any case, good art should make us think hard and you certainly made me do that so thank you.

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    Falxy Thank you for the kind words. As for the confidence bit I have been laughed at before and heavily criticized so I should be able to cope with whatever the Sharks can throw at me.

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    Graham you ask what the darkness is about? Well as I get older inner city areas anywhere in the world seem to become less inviting and more sinister. So the picture has a simple message the bright windows in some places ie the good people stalked by the darkness that our downtown areas have in abundance. The darkness gets darker and there is no end in sight. We all need a Batman but Gotham keeps the caped crusader pretty busy!

    Thank you for taking the time to study it and comment.

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