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    Something i am trying out. Bit of a learning curve. No where near fluent in masking, etc.  Can’t quite get my head around the steps for doing this.  Now of course i would like to figure out how to do a circular mask and have that fit in the large round kite and have the photo repeat in it.  In the meantime here is my first attempt at this effect, i just find it bright and colorful and fun.KITES, Kites, kites...

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    John Thompson

    It is a good first step Dorothy.  Try Google to find out how to do things.  I am assuming you are using Photoshop.  You can find out how to do anything.

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      Hi John: That is exactly how i got this far 🙂  i think i need to make myself clearer notes, the old memory doesn’t seem to keep everything like i think it should.  i will keep at it and when i get this how i envision it (hopefully) i will share again.

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    Very interesting image Dorothy and I like the colours 🙂

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      Thanks Dahlia: most of the droste effects i have seen are done with squares or rectangles, even those going into a spiral. fingers crossed i will get this the way i want. may have to start by making the photo itself circular.  hmmm.  well, we will see. yes, i too like the colors. 🙂

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    Ok, a little more studying and googling and you tubing has brought me here. i have two versions i like and that reflect what i wanted circular wise. One here and one in this weekends’ Black challenge.Circular Kites Droste Effect

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    Tom M

    Think you’ve got it Dorothy, nicely done…


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    Anne Hornsby

    Very cool, Dorothy!   I’ve never tried a circular mask, and this is a great subject for that,

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      Thank you Anne, it was a little tricky and i need to work on making sure the background is truly transparent. i believe there is more to it than what i was doing.

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