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    Kurt D Gregory

    Just looking for feedback, I shot this at a nearby park.

    Pathway170 mm
    ISO 400
    f / 5.6
    1/200 sec

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    Only a minor comment from me Kurt, and I guess it depends on – where you want your viewer to look/concentrate on…

    I might be tempted to crop a small amount off the bottom.

    With the crop as is… my view tends to concentrate at, or is always drawn to the end of the path.

    By cropping out the two ‘central’ highlights at the bottom, my view tends to wander back and forth between the end of the path and the highlights in the trees.

    By cropping further into the image… so that the two (2) highlights on lower RH edge aren’t visible, my eyes tend to ‘stay up in the trees’.

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    Kurt D Gregory

    thanks bucweeet, I’ll play around with that. I want to keep the sense of depth but i like what you’re saying.

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    Hi Kurt:  The only suggestion i would make is to straighten it just a little.

    woods KurtDGregory edit dms

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    Rob Eyers

    I’d like to know more about your choice of 170mm Kurt. In combination with f/5.6 the DOF is pretty shallow. I would have liked to see more of the foreground in focus.

    In reference to Paul’s comment about where you want the viewer to look, is it the “CABIN HOLLOW ROAD” sign? or just generally down the road? In either case the bright portion in the top of the image keeps pulling my eye and that spot just isn’t very interesting. At the expense of losing the height of the trees, maybe try cropping to eliminate that bright spot. A different image admittedly but maybe more engaging?

    With a soft vignette and a touch of sharpening here’s a different take on it.

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    Federico Alegria

    I’m very low into images without obvious points of interest or intentions, however sometimes it is there, but hidden. Rob Eyers made this clear with his crop suggestion.

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    Nnam Ari

    I like the brilliance, the colour it just fills the eyes too much, can it be trimmed at the sides and tops a bit?

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    Robert Apple

    Rob pretty much covered everything I was thinking.

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