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      Good morning,

      Is there anything I could do to improve the photo?

      I wanted to achieve an autumn like feeling, with the fountain the main subject. Do I need to increase the exposure, decrease saturation?

      Many thanks for your feedback.

      All the best



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      Petr Nowak

      Fountain as a main subject: ok, it’s clear.

      Crop seems ok.

      Small blue part of sky seems disturbing. Clone it out.

      I think you should choose whether autumn feeling or fountain. Your image is definitely more about fountain. And you can improve it by playing with light (better time of day, longer exposure time, maybe get rid of the left part of the image, …).
      If you choose autumn I think you should select some other subject (yellow leafs of trees, mist, …).
      Just my thoughs….

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      Rob Eyers

      If you want to “create” more of an autumn feel you could play with the colour to make the trees a bit more fall like. Since there isn’t a lot of fall colour in the trees to the right maybe crop in a bit as well as from the top to get rid of the blue patch of sky.

      Luminosity masks and hue/sat layers  make these kind of adjustments easy and fun to try.

      EDIT: image removed

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        Robert Apple

        Something about your edit Rob seems to have given the architecture more weight then the fountain, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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          Rob Eyers

          That was my intention Robert. I tried to get the eye to balance out the fountain, autumn leaves and building. In retrospect I maybe should have darkened the leaves at the bottom.

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      Lenny Wollitz

      IMO, the only thing in the photo that looks much like autumn is the band of orange leaves on the bottom edge of the photo and they are more of a distraction than a subject being on the edge like that but the do attract the eye.

      I’m no landscape shooter but cropping out the bottom edge would look nice for me, but not Autumn-ish.

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      🙂 Many thanks for all your feedback. Will rework. Have a great day.

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