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    John Thompson

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    Beautiful John. The fruits look dry and open now. Do they fall off and germinate?

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    John Thompson

    Yes Dahlia.  You can see a few on the ground but most are still on the trees.  Much of the spring ground growth is dead or dying.  The summer has taken its toll on the spring growth.

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    Sweet work john , the skies always look threatening like a big storm moving in.

    Nice share pal 😉

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      John Thompson

      Thank you Patrick.  It was raining when I took this.

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    Rob Eyers

    Another good one John. You have to love how the colour of things pop when they get wet. You’re having some great luck with the clouds of late.

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      John Thompson

      Thank you Rob.  Yes it does make a difference.  I had to leave after this shot because of the rain.

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