Giselle #2

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    Maureen Photograph

    90 mm.  1/320.  F3.5.  ISO 3200.

    Here Giselle is doing a lovely penche.  The crop is square which was the best fit for the dancers.

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    And they just keep coming! Another fine shot. To me the guy in half light is a distraction rather than adding to the shot and it looks easy enough to simply paint him out with a black brush. In the same way I would tidy up where her dress falls close to her foot. But leave the reflection so she is grounded rather than floating in a black space. All in all very nice.

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    i agree with billy.  the ghost in the background takes away from an otherwise gorgeous photo.  he either needs to be more prominent or go away completely.

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    Maureen: Lovely. He so supports her, as is expected, but if you had not said dancers i may have missed him. i did just a very little bit of touch up. dodged her foot on the floor and the top of the forearm  pointing down. did not want the male dancer to take away but did sharpen his face a little so he stands out just a little bit more.  probably should have dodge the reflection on the floor a little as well.giselle 2 edit dms

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    Hi Maureen………….yeah corse i love it! 🙂

    personally would black out left leg and spurious above right knee…..lovely b&w

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    Graham Hart

    Can’t go worng with ballet poses it seems. Another terrific pic. Agree with the comments re the faint BG guy, I’d black him out because I think the lady holds enough visual weight to carry the pic alone.

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    Maureen Photograph

    I had left him in, but faintly (because of Rights issue) but yes, good idea to take him out entirely.  Although, she would not be able to stand in that position without support (she’s not squarely on top of the toe box) but we can presume that the support is behind her and not visible.  Plus it’s fine art not documentary.

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