Gold Miner on the Irrawady

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      ISO 800, 1/1250th, f/14 at 30mm on a Panasonic GX8

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      Jeesh, 24 hours and not even some pithy comment from @falxy

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      Erik Fransman

      Rob, I think the image could benefit from a slight crop from the left and to erase the boat in the BG. Then you get a bit more the feeling of alone out there.
      Possibly a tad more fog.

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        Federico Alegria

        I think this is a great suggestion, it enhances movement by simply giving more breathing room to the front side of the boat.

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      Great subject Rob , can only add i personally like the original framing it gives a certain scale which i like.

      Small boat large water mass.

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      Rob Eyers

      My instinct is to zoom in as much as possible without losing the reflection. With the horizon near the upper third I would lose almost all the  land on the left side. Pretty standard but it gets the subject closer making it more interesting IMHO. I might have a different opinion if I wasn’t on an iPhone screen 😉

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      Petr Nowak

      This image works in big size I think. I like the crop by Erik.

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      I like the crop by Erik too! When were you in Burma, Rob? Hope you share more images from there 🙂

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      A few months back @mistyisle – I gotta say, it has been one of my absolute favourite destinations for photography. But the thing is I need to keep packing weight down so I only took a GX8 with me.


      Big mistake. Huge.

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