Here is Another Joshua from Yesterday

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    John Thompson

    Normally I would use my 20mm for shots like this but yesterday I decided to try my 28mm just to compare.  If you look at this large you can see the detail is very nice.  Not bad for an eBay lens for $200.

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    Robert Apple

    Nice John, I have that same lens, don’t use it as often as I should.

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    Ever thought about shooting some milky way shots out there, @nikon-nut – I bet the sky gets very dark.

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      John Thompson

      I have Rob but I am afraid the light pollution from the city would be overpowering.  I plan to try some night shots just to see how much impact it has.

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    Beautiful John. I like how the clouds point to the Joshua 🙂

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      John Thompson

      Thank you Dahlia.  I do not like the light on this one.  The trunks are too dark and the light is flat I think.  I usually do better with these conditions.  I should have done better.

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    Graham Hart

    Cool shot John. The seeds(?) look like walnut shells from a distance but when I zoomed right in, they look like those incubating pods in the Alien films 🙂 .

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      John Thompson

      LOL I think you are right Graham.  They were nice looking in the spring but now they are just plain ugly!  It could be the beginning of Invasion of the Body Snatchers or The Pod People which has an MST 3k version.  The latter is a terrible movie but MST makes it very watchable.

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