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      chris pook

      So that’s UK locked down;

      Only go out for food and exercise, avoid people, buy stuff you need on Amazon, don’t go to work unless you really have to. That’s my life anyway!

      Hope everyone is well.  Lockdown stories anyone? Post away.

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      I Hope and pray it’s all over soon , i watched it being announced Chris .. i bet almost every home in the country was watching and got the message .. i hope.


      I noticed this little note in my mailbox late this afternoon which i thought was a truly very kind gesture , this has came via a local community group , i am thankful i am not in need for the service but i thought this was so so good to see people working for others , people they don’t even know in most cases.

      I removed some details 😉

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      They asked my grandparents to fight the Japanese and Nazis.

      They’re asking me to watch Netflix.

      It will be tough, but I am willing to do my piece and earn my place in history!


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        chris pook

        I had this mental image yesterday of Death (you know, tall slim chap, black cloak, scythe) looking at the children at a VE day street party, captioned ‘I’ll be back’.

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        My Mum lived through the war, she was evacuated. She still says she’s seen nothing like this before, but is waiting for rationing to start!

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      Still pretty civil around here. I’ve been posting some observations about the lockdown here in California on my blog at best-left-unsaid.com. (@Rob Wood, if I’m not allowed to post that link here, just delete this whole post and I apologize).

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        chris pook

        You cannot get that particular cat back in the bag now.  Interesting reading, thank you!

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        @3pco If folks last longer than about 10 posts here, then that means I don’t mind them posting links.

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        Erik Fransman

        Alan, I read your blog. Good observations. You write:  “So let’s do the math, Three hundred million Americans, two-thirds get the virus, 4% death rate. I get 8 million dead.”

        This could very well be, but it is difficult to make these calculations because they are based on what? The Italian situation, the Dutch Situation, the Chinese situation?
        A big factor in how many people will contract the disease is how dense the population is. New York City will have a higher rate than Texas.
        It also depends on how well people keep their distance.
        A big factor in the number of deaths is how healthy the population is. In that respect, the US does not score very well. Many people are overweight and are diabetic. That is an underlying condition and serious risk.
        Going back to work in two weeks as your president suggest, may solve some economic issues. Since the USA is owned by corporations it’s a logical step. People do not come first.
        I really, really like the USA (I had the best time studying at Cal Arts), but for some years now, I am very, very happy that I live here.


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      We’re in semi-lockdown at the moment, total lockdown starts on Thursday (26 Mar) and ends on 16 April. Only emergency services allowed, supermarkets and chemists stay open. We’re still waiting to hear exactly who is allowed to go shopping and how.

      It feels like we’re all actors in a sci-fi movie. Maybe that’s what it is. One morning we’re all going to wake up with a note next to our beds: “Hope you’ve smiled! You were on candid camera”! 😜

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      Sanjeev Nanda

      “What did we do to deserve this? Why did my friends have to die?

      Must nature be exacting revenge – an eye for an eye?

      What did we do to deserve this? Why did my friends have to die?”

      ~Sanjeev Nanda

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        Erik Fransman

        Hi Sanjeev,

        It’s awful, friends dying. There are no words for that other than Truly Sorry.

        Your question, “What did we do to deserve this?”, is the white elephant in the room. We don’t talk about that because we do not like the answers. But in short: IMHO, we are all responsible for this. (Although nature doesn’t know revenge, you partly give the answer yourself).
        I do not think that this tread is the right place to try to give you an answer, so I might start a new thread for that.

        Again truly sorry.

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      Federico Alegria

      As a PhD student I almost don’t feel the difference, although I miss the library… jajajaja.

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        Sanjeev Nanda

        This entire ordeal has put a lot of things into perspective for all of us. It is very true that we had been taking everything for granted. I appreciate your empathy. I know for a fact that humans will come out of this pandemic very different and appreciative of what they have, than they went into it. Stay safe Erik, times are bad outside.

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      Sanjeev Nanda

      The worst case scenario is this pandemic going on for way longer than it otherwise would. One way or another, this outbreak has to end – be it with the slow decline of humanity, or through continued efforts of various countries, and its people, to help contain the covid-19 epidemic under wraps.
      ~Sanjeev Nanda

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        chris pook

        The worst case is a further mutation, just as we are on the verge of curbing the current virus… but let’s hope for the best, while we plan for the worst.

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