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      Haven’t posted for a while, so…

      Exposure: 1/250 @ f/7.1
      ISO: 500
      Focal Length: 24mm

      Sawyer Craig-10

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      I love the contrasting colours that each wear, Paul.   I love that the prime subject looks up the our left.  I love the overall composition and colour balance.  What I have to suggest to improve …………. sadly, zilch!   Hope that I am not barred for this, but I do express what I see.

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      Thank you Misty!

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      Great composition and perfect exposure! I would maybe increase the contrast a little bit, but really not much to change here.

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      Kent DuFault

      I really like this. I kind of wish one of them was looking at the camera to create a focal point. that’s being picky though. Beautiful models. Your daughters?

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      Erik Fransman

      I understand what Kent says about one of them looking at the camera. However, they are all three looking (up) at each other. I like that. If one would look up, you break the “Circle”.

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      Graham Hart

      I like this shot but I must admit there’s something bothering me…not sure what though. Is it a bit top heavy with the three girls in a square crop? Not sure.

      I agree with Kent about the focus point but if one girl was to look at the camera it would probably have to be the red dress girl. I think this may even add the balance missing in my earlier point about being top heavy. Her direct gaze would add weight to the bottom half of the image. I think breaking ‘the circle’ isn’t such a bad idea.

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      My apologies for taking so long in responding…

      Thank you to all who responded and/or took the time to look.

      – they are three singers from one of my son’s Opera Company’s performance.


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