Mom and Little Man

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      Bruce Gordon

      I usually don’t photograph hooman beans, as they often elude me and always seem to come out as just ‘pictures.’ But, I need to branch out…

      This is from the Denver Stock Show Parade in January.

      Nikon D750, 24-120 lens @ 100mm, ISO 400, f9 at 1/160.

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      Bruce I am normally the one to question the validity of random shots of strangers but I think you captured a good defining moment here. The adoring mum with a pretty fine bod proudly capturing her little man on vid. She will bore the pants of of everyone showing it later but thats another story.

      Now the ST. Shot from a lower angle looking up at the lad would be nice as would having Triggers legs in the frame. There is a distinct lack of detail in the shadows which I am pretty sure would lift quite easily in post. The background is busy which is OK but needs some of the bright colors subduing selectively. The bright blues and reds. I think lifting the shadows would brighten his face but you may wish to brighten it further.

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        Bruce Gordon

        Thanks Billyspad!

        Interestingly, I was on my knees when I took this shot. An old man can’t get much lower in a crowd without risk! That is the smallest horse I’ve ever seen, like a miniature Shetland pony!

        I have cropped it, cause there is a weird guy in a bright yellow vest I had to get rid of, as he is a major eye-catch, which resulted in loss of the horse’s obscenely small legs. I got an idea from your comments on my other picture, and switched to a 1×1 aspect ratio. I’m posting it separately. I’m going to try a few things to reduce the impact of the crowd when I get a chance.

        One thing I was battling was the crowd being half in full sunlight and half in shade. Next time I will choose a better location.


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      Hello Bruce, that’s a well-caught moment and I like the fact that you included the mom as well.

      What bothers me here is the background – it looks really busy to me. I would probably use larger aperture in this case or just like Billy suggested shoot from a lower angle.

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        Bruce Gordon

        Thanks Jasenka!

        As I mentioned to Billyspad, I was battling the background lighting. Next time I’ll pick a spot with that in mind.

        I’m posting an updated image, as well.

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      Bruce Gordon

      This all the legs, such as they are, I had in the original shot. I think this aspect ratio adds to the image, and still solves the crazy man in the bright yellow vest issue. Lesson learned; pick a shooting location with more attention to the background!

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      Much better Bruce!  The young man and mom are now the centre of attention in the image and the missing portions of the front hoofs have ‘minimal’ distraction for my taste.

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      Erik Fransman

      The mom makes the shot. Tells the story. 1×1 crop is also better.

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      Tom M

      I like the 2nd picture better with more of the horses legs showing. The blacks are a little too black though…


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        Bruce Gordon

        I agree Tom. I’ll bump them up a bit.

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Neutral colors for you subjects and bright colors bright sunlight in the background.  How about desaturating and darkening it a bit?

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