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    Lenny Wollitz

    In the 1850’s there was a cholera epidemic in a mountain city here in Mexico and because of some strange circumstances with the burial of the dead some were mummified and are now in one of the strangest museums I have ever been in. Creepy!  For more info go here

    See The Screaming Guanajuato Mummies Whose Faces Remain Frozen In Terror

    Settings are not important as it has been processed quit a bit.

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    I find it interesting Lenny.

    I would tempted to clone out the portions of the partial mummies on the extreme LH and RH sides.

    Overall, I fell the mummies could be sharper (although I realize that you’re shooting through glass).

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    Tom M

    Definitely agree with bucweeet, and this is freaky…


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    Gosh, this looks quite disturbing but I like the scene nevertheless.

    The image you posted looks too soft for some reason, is that because of post-processing? I feel like there’s a significant loss of detail.

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    Petr Nowak

    I don’t comment on technical aspects (noise, focus) cos I usually don’t care. From the artistic/creative point of view: image seems to me like first documentary shot. I’d try to do something more to emphasize emotions (horror, creepiness, etc) like different angle, fill the frame, etc. + some postprocess.

    For example the detail of one mummy head with other heads peeked out behind.

    However I see it is complicated because of the glass pane.

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    Lenny Wollitz

    Thanks for the comments!

    Paul, I tried removing the partial mummies but kinda like them in the shot.

    Jansenka, your right it’s soft.  Shot with a pocket camera.  My choices were between softness and lots of noise.

    Petr, yes, I should have worked the shot.

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    Federico Alegria


    Personally speaking, I think that this scene screamed for highly symmetrical shot, don’t you have any mate?

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    Nnam Ari

    I think I agree with Federico about the symmetry, it could have been a bit more sharp and striking. Welldone either way.

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