No Rush Hour

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      Erik Fransman

      Jim here you go. No Rush Hour.
      Fujifilm X-T3, 16mm, f/1.4, 1/2700s, ISO 160.
      Shot at f/1.4 and base ISO (160) so the ss was set accordingly.
      Take a click and look at Flickr bigger.
      No Rush Hour

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      I find it interesting that this was shot at f/1.4, I wouldn’t be able to guess that.

      It’s hard for me to critique this image, it’s a well-composed urban scene. Maybe I would slightly reframe it so that the silhouettes are not in the center, but it’s hard to tell if that would work in this particular case.

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      Petr Nowak

      Perfect. I can’t find anything wrong. Nice light. Symmetric composition works. Perspective works. The small silhouette at the far end works. I’d maybe add a little bit vignetting but it’s a matter of taste.

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      Love this and faved.

      Lovely observation mate.

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      Here is another look………I thought the one side was a bit distracting!

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      Erik Fransman

      Creative Frank. I like it.

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      Petr Nowak

      Great edit Frank. I like it. Very creative…

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      Oh I love this shot. Frank’s version is interesting but somehow one feels that it’s not real. It’s just too ‘smooth’.

      Well done Erik!

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      Thanks for following up on my comment, Erik!  I really like this, particularly now that I can see in its full glory on my 4K monitor.  I like the fact that in this case the figures are central.  I like that the face of one is well seen and that the other has her legs placed in a relaxed way, which conveys a mood.   The highlights and shadows work especially well.

      (Frank, that is a good suggestion, maybe a tad overboard.  It made me gasp and laugh at the same time – I know I take liberties with images, so, good to see I am not alone!)

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      Additionally, Erik, I do think that you should put this in for competition.  If I was to be pedantic, then I would suggest removing the rubbish holder, but not a major!  (consideration).

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      Federico Alegria


      You made it extremely difficult for us to give you a critique mate. I’m really impressed of how you took your camera to the limit, like @jasenkag, I wouldn’t ever imagined that this was taken with f/1.4.

      This is one of those shots that work perfectly when it comes to centering the subjects, and your black and white post-processing is beautiful, I love how rich the tones are across the whole image without making it look HDRish, I simple love your development.

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      Erik Fransman

      Thank you Frederico.

      When I went out to shoot that day, my aim was to test the f/1.4 capabilities on my new 16mm lens. I wanted to see how much bokeh or softness you et in the background when your focal point is about 2,5 meters away.
      For me, it works. The two girls are pin sharp while you get a pleasant softness around them. I made another shot on f/4 and that did not work as well because suddenly everything is in focus on the 16mm.

      Jim, thanks. The rubbish holder does not bother me. It’s part of the street.

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      Love this type of shot but what am i supposed to be looking at……………….the girls or the tunnel…………its a personal thing but I would crop in to make the girls the eye attraction and here the left side lends itself to cropping.

      If both sides where fairly equal the centre position could have worked.

      Less is usually more! 🙂

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      Erik Fransman

      Duncan, It makes sense to crop it and focus on the girls. It makes it more cinematic and more involved.
      Click on the image here. That takes you to Smugmug and then click again on the image to view it for full-frame. (Bigger works better)

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