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    I want to get online storage for my photos for safety (1 Tb). Even though I backup fairly regularly on two different external hard drives, that is not completely safe. A good low cost option seems to be Microsoft One Drive. Have checked out the internet and there are many different top ten (etc) suggestions. It gets pretty involved. Any suggestions re things to be aware of, or other storages sites please?

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    Hi Jim,

    I have been through this recently and did a lot of investigations – Backblaze was the answer for me. The reasons why:

    • Auto backup – my initial backup took a week to complete (~ 4TB), but after that it continually backs up my files. With most other options you have to remember to manually backup, or have a horrendous directory structure.
    • Backup computer + connected external drives. Note: It does not backup the OS image, just files. All users files – office, music, photo’s etc.
    • Restore options are extensive – free download, paid USB flash drive or paid USB hard drive (the last option you can keep, or send back for a refund)
    • Restore is simple, and I have tested across multiple computers/platforms. (Very handy if I am at work or away and want to grab a photo quickly.)
    • Unlimited storage
    • $66 USD per annum is cheap assurance that my files are available no matter what happens to my laptop/drives. (Slight more if you pay by the month)

    Use the following code to get one months free access and trial it for yourself.


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    I use Backblaze, too.

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    Thanks David and Allen, your feedback much appreciated.  On my Facebook Affinity Photo page, someone else also suggested Backblaze, so it does sound very good!  Thanks for the highlights, David.

    Also, considering Smugmug, which is very competitive.

    Going off Microsoft One Drive as it is claimed that it has zilch support.  🙁

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    I’ve had some negative experiences with smugmug, long time back. Also, don’t know if they automate the backup (didn’t used to) which is essential. Backblaze backs up everything, not just photos.

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    I did get all keen on BackBlaze and started their free trial earlier today. However am going to discontinue because although my Upload speed tends to be about 8.7 Mgs a second, it was only transferring at speeds between 0.47 and 2.16 Mgs a second. It reckoned that I would transfer only 1.35 Gigs a day! Even my virtually unthrottling the speed to favour backups over network, it only went to 2.23 Mgs a second.

    Also, it would not let me exclude my C Drive. I only want to back up my Photos on the G Drive!

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