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      Kent DuFault

      The POTW goes to Click @rshattil for their fascinating entry into the Weekend Photography Challenge #474 Hearts and Flowers.

      Click’s picture is a fantastic and imaginative entry into the challenge.

      Technically it’s perfect.

      I encourage you to look at it large. (Here)

      And, as you all know, I love cats, so there probably is some personal bias as well.

      Three other photographs deserved attention. There can only be one winner, so I’ll mention them here and post links below. Don’t miss the opportunity to view them.

      “Alfresco in Adelaide” by Graham Hart. This is my type of photograph: black and white, dramatic lighting, deep shadows with a perfectly set black point, exciting and mysterious details, fantastic use of shape, line, and repetition. I would hang this on my wall.

      “Untitled Bug” by David Chesterfield. Bug photographs aren’t my particular interest. However, this insect photograph crosses into the realm of artwork. I love the direct head-on and eye-level view of the bug. David has perfectly placed the focus. But the real frosting on the cake here is the color contrast, repetition of the power color yellow (both in the bug, as the subject, as well as, in the flower, as a focal point), and the repetition of shape throughout the entire composition. The picture is visually tantalizing.

      “Untitled Giraffe” by Charmaine Joubert. Charmaine’s picture of the giraffe transcends merely being a wildlife picture. It reminds me of the artwork photography of Joel Meyerowitz or Steve McCurry- who often photograph recognizable subjects in strange and poignant ways. Charmaine’s subject is obviously a giraffe’s head. However, her treatment of the subject creates a visual experience that slightly surreal. The color contrast, extreme sharpness, and even the placement of the head against the shape of the clouds give the photograph a unique quality that is hard to describe. It’s like you look at it, but you can’t believe it. This photo also deserves to be hanging in a gallery somewhere.

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      Kent DuFault
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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Wow! That’s a perfect photo. Congratulations Click on POTW 🙂

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      Thank you Kent.

      Congratulations on POTW Click , this is a real cool shot nice work.

      Graham , David ,  Charmain  , great work each of you 😉


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      Wonderful! Congrats on POTW Click!
      Graham, David and Charmaine … all goods shots!

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      Dave Watkins

      Great catch Click. 🙂 Congrats on POTW and congrats to the others mentioned. Nice work all.

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      Petr Nowak

      Fascinating photo. Congratulations Click and other three…

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      Great photos all four, congrats on well deserved POTW Click and congrats Graham, Germaine and David.

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      Graham Hart

      Great photo generating very infectious ‘cuddle-me’ urges. Love it.

      Thanks for the mention Kent and the kind acknowledgements from Stalkers.

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      Congrats Click! What an adorable image!

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      What a Purrr-fect photo for the weekend challenge! Congratulations Click on POTW!

      Congratulations Graham, David and Charmaine as well, all great shots

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