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    Panasonic DMC-GX8
    LUMIX G VARIO 14-42/F3.5-5.6 II
    42.0 mm



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    Graham Hart

    These look like the same guys in ‘A Little Hazy’? Good to know they can find their way back after all if their engine is kaput!

    This would have been an interesting challenge for you Rob. There is a little noise in the image but capturing a moving object in low-light and misty conditions would be damn hard I’m sure. I was surprised at ISO 800 though. Would a wider aperture have helped given that the BG is indistinct anyway?

    It does capture the struggle of men at sea though, especially given the conditions. Hope they got home OK.


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    Lenny Wollitz

    Hi Rob, nice pano and I love the horizontal feel.  I might try removing the “extra” bridge on camera left as it is a bit of  an eye snag.

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    Petr Nowak

    Great high-key shot. I like the atmosphere and subtle “colors”. I’d cut on the left probably.

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    Erik Fransman

    Rob, I like the shot. Not so much the framing. You can go two ways, crop left or right (keeping the same aspect ratio)


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    I really like the minimalist feel of this image along with the muted colors.

    I agree with Erik when it comes to framing, especially with his first suggestion.

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    Rob Eyers

    I like it Rob. The thinks that bug me are all on the right edge. The area around and including the shore on the right is a bit brighter. The batch of dark smoke around the boat on the right keeps grabbing my eye too.

    The bridge on the left doesn’t bother me as it did Lenny. For me it adds some depth to an otherwise fairly flat image. It also feels every so slightly out of level…maybe that’s just me though. I think I would go with a slight crop and level like this.

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