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      Lenny Wollitz

      Couldn’t pass this up.  What do you think?  1/200, f4.0, iso1000

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Hi Lenny, I think this image would have worked well if there was a person in the frame or may be an animal? Not sure what you think 🙂

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      Steve Walker

      If I were walking down the street and saw this, I would definitely stop, stare and consider its meaning and its possibilities. I would, if I had my camera, certainly make its picture.

      I like the framing here– enough of the rough edges to give it context without losing its overall impact. If this were shared from Flickr, I would definitely blow it up to examine the details on the sidewalk, in search of an explanation for the new vs the old here. I like juxtapositions and contradictions and this has that going on.

      While it has the feel of a snap shot (not a snapshot), you obviously crafted the framing– nice straight verticals and horizontals, focus and exposure (darks and brights both).

      I think it is well done but probably would have limited life outside an exhibit of street scenes.

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Dahila, I have been walking past this place for several years and there is always a car parked in front.  I agree, a sexy person (I’m not into animals) would have added to the shot but there aren’t too many out at about at 8:30 AM.   Well, except the working women… which might be an idea for a model with that sign.  Ha, ha, ha!

      Steve, since I am basically a street photographer I would be happy with life inside an exhibit of street scenes.  Thanks for your comments!

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      Federico Alegria

      This is Sassy! Jajaja, I think the obvious has been stated, I wish you could someday spot the clean shot again with a person that could make this a highly storytelling shot.

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      Graham Hart

      Feels like an ‘almost but not quite’ story. The red lettering grabs the eyes instantly but then they begin to wander around discovering…..not sure what exactly. A homeless person’s squat maybe? Someone’s graffiti cleaning gear? Just not sure what I make of it other than a nice combination of colour and texture with an element of mystery in the bold red text. Because of this, I thought “What about just an artistic interpretation of the scene celebrating the colour and the texture by removing some of the context and just enjoy one of our favourite adjectives? Probably not everyone’s cup of tea though.

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      Those curvy letters look kinda sexy, haha 🙂

      I like Graham’s crop but I also think that a person would make this image more complete.

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Graham, an interesting crop but as you said not everyone’s cup of tea.  It does look a bit like a homeless persons squat but I also looks like someone is in the process of cleaning and re-painting the store front.  I just hope they don’t remove the sign and remove my photo op.

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      Maybe this image is powerful because there is nothing sexy about it.   It leaves us with the question,  “Just how important is it to be sexy?”

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