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      Lenny Wollitz

      When I shot this at dawn the sun was to camera left and the statue was in the shade of a hill. The bright white clouds were a reflector and backlit the bronze statue. Even the RAW file has the white outline (is that ghosting?). I’m thinking that the white is a reflection from the shiny bronze. I have two questions.

      1 Is there any way to eliminate the ghosting in camera with settings, filters etc.?

      2 Is there an easy way to eliminate the ghost in post. By easy I mean not using multiple tools or layers in Photoshop.

      1/250, f8, 15mm, iso 100

      Dawn Silhouette

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      Robert Apple

      Polarization filters can help with this, and there is a quick 5 step method using 2 layers in photo shop, Select the dark subject, copy it to a new layer, go back to the first layed select around the dark subject again but this time include the ghosted area, content aware fill, flatten image.

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        Robert did as you described and the ghosted/selected are is filled with black from the statue not the sky? What am I missing here cos if this works its a very useful technique.

        OK now got it working but I cannot get a good result from Content Aware. Show yours mate and give further advice as to how one gets a satisfactory finish. If I do not heavily feather the edges of the lassso tool when expanding the selection result is quite bad?

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      Lenny there is no one click fix mate. Treat Photoshop as your friend and embrace what it can do. If you can cope with a layer stack like this I can take you through it in easy stages. You need to be able to select the statue and use the rectangular marquee tools quick transform and the eraser tool. All easy stuff. It will change your sky slightly from what you saw but no biggy.

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      Not sure what you use for “basic” post-processing, but if it’s LR, I would say that you may have too much Clarity and the “Detail – Sharpening” maybe set too high.  I’ve found that when this is done, the edges tend to get somewhat pixelated and when enlarged is really noticeable.

      If I’m going to be doing any sharpening on an image I usually remove most of the Clarity (which I believe adds greater contrast along the ‘edges’ of an object) and all of  Detail from LR and then do the sharpening in PS (which leaves ‘cleaner’ edges).

      When your image is enlarged, one can see the pixelation I’m referring to.

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Hey Paul, I mostly use LR except for some presets and removing things in PS.  Thanks for the  simple fix idea in LR and I will check it out and certainly keep it in mind in the future.

      What I love about photography is that there are so many ways to enjoy it. I don’t care to make photos of bugs and flowers or do the abstract PS stuff. I like enjoy looking at those types of photos but have no interest in making them. I like getting out and rubbing elbows with people and life. The less time in front of a computer the better.  I have been trying more and more to get it right in camera to eliminate screen time. Even using some of the in camera shooting modes like grainy BW. If there was a way for me to be shooting BW film with a twin lens reflex and processing them her in Mazatlan I would be doing that. In my opinion this photo is not worth the time and effort. I was just interested if there was a fix and I have printed out the comments to use at a later date. Thanks for all the comments.



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      Try This:  Make a careful selection of the statue. Then Goto Select > Modify > Contract and chose 3-4 pixels.  This brings in your selection line, giving you a more clean selection from the sky.  Then Select > Modify > Feather between .50 to 1  Maybe try .75  Did that Work?   If not do the same thing, (same modifications)  but move the statue up slightly to a new location on the sky.  Aberrations should be gone.

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      Forget it, Lenny. the above suggestion did not work.

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      Okay:   Take  bucweet’s image:     Make a selection of the statue.  Make a blank layer and copy the selection on to it.  Edit > Transform > Scale.   Scale up the height and width until the halo disappears (about 104%). Accept the Transformation. This covered up most of the halo except around the chin and the small triangular area along the bottom..  For those areas, boost up the image to 300%, and paint in those ares with the clone tool.  Done!

      Here is a quick way to select the statue:    Make a copy of the background layer.

      Image > Adjustments > Threshold.     In the box of what looks like a histogram, slide the triangle to the left until the sky becomes all white and the statue remains black. (around 55).   Paint out with a black brush the white areas on the body of the statue, because whatever is black will become part of your selection.  Click OK.   Next take the magic wand tool, and click on the black statue.  You should see a nice selection around the black statue.  Trash the Threshold B+W layer into the trash and you should now see a selection around the statue in the original image.  I like to save selections in case I need them again.




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      Rob Eyers

      Hi Lenny. I doubt that the halo issue you’re seeing really exists in the pure RAW file. Try turning off the detail section in LR and setting both clarity and dehaze to zero and see if it’s still there.

      I would suggest using the Detail module very very sparingly. It’s really there just to set up the RAW file so it’ll respond better to any sharpening you want to do at the end of your processing. As Paul mentioned..PS is way better. Clarity and Dehaze are pretty much sledge hammers…use them at your own risk. I personally never use them FWIW.

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