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      Jon Fuhrmann

      Hi @valeryp,

      This one seems a little dark on the left – on the right it feels quite a bit like a painting, presumably with the light source over there as well. Is there any way of using a second light source for the bread, or a way to avoid the jug throwing the loaf into shadow?

      On a side note, I’m also curious what your rationale was for going all the way to f29 – were you going for a soft feel? (Which I actually quite like here)



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      the reason I shoot with a small aperture (usually 22-32) is the fact that the camera is very close to set and from my experience that’s the aperture I need to get anything in focus .
      About the dark side-the browser usually pushes the brightness down a little bit-my original TIFF file is lighter.
      thanks for your interest

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      were’d gone the edit button?
      my English needs this option LOL

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      Hi Valery, love your stills. Love my crusty sourdough bread as well though 😉 And here the background colour does not work with the bread for me. As well, I love the overall soft feel, but would work maybe just a a bit crispiness into the bread, it has such a beautiful texture. Not sure re the positioning of the eggs, did you wanted to create an unbalance on purpose? For the story there is almost an ingredient missing which could go into the gap – eggs are not needed to produce bread – so they go with the bread, but then you would need to add butter or speck to make it a meal. Just a thought.

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      Thanks @claudia-betia
      After posting the pic my thoughts was to set a bread in another surroundings to bring bread’s textute a bit better.
      I’ll give another try…

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      Actually like the light and texture a lot. Only thing I’d do is allow one of the eggs to “Escape” over by the loaf…and maybe cracked open with just the shell.

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      f29…. struth! Ever heard of “lens diffraction” Val? google it or check out some youtube vids
      but hey, what ever floats your boat

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      playing with crop by VALERY on Light Stalking

      wasn’t happy with pic – is the new crop makes it look a tad better?

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      Joe Batt

      A little dark and a loss of detail in the left hand side. For me there is no zing to the photo, but thats a personal taste. Needs a little cropping since as it stands there is no focal point in the image.

      Could do with some sharpening also to bring out some texture and detail in the string etc

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