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    Sarthak Choudhary


    70 mm

    ISO 100



    Does the image look a little bit too saturated?

    Alternate Edit:

    Alternate edit with less saturation

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    Sarthak Choudhary



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    Sarthak saturation is down to personal taste and for me its not over saturated at all. My problem with the image is a little yellow boat lost in a whole heap of real estate that’s not desperately interesting and not saying a lot. So I suggested a crop which is more in line with your title and brings the boat into prominence more. Also the foreground is in sharp focus but not the boat. I think this is a result of an F stop of 4.5. F8 would have given you a shutter speed of 500th of a second which is plenty fast enough for a boat bobbing on a gentle sea. For my money we should be able to read the name of this fine vessel. I’m not particularly happy with my crop but any closer and the softness in the shot becomes very apparent so I offer you a halfway house.


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    Sarthak Choudhary

    I really like your crop.

    I wanted to show a small boat surrounded by all this water and rocks. I wanted to go as wide as possible but this was widest on my lens. I couldn’t capture it the way I had imagined, but I thought I would give it a try rather than discard the image.

    I did took another shot at F5.3 and 1.640s :

    I didn’t pick this one, because there is nothing in the background.


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    Hi Sarthak  My only comments are that the boat is well placed in the image, but you seem to have oversharpened.  So please react to the comments on others which concentrate on other aspects which I have not looked at.  Of course, the amount of sharpening should be decided as to whether you want your image to remain digital or to be printed.  Nevertheless, you sharpening seems too much even for printing.

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