Two Red Chairs

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    @billyspad I really like the composition and the colours in this image. Maybe you could slightly dodge the top left and bottom areas of the images as it looks a bit dark and the chairs seem to be lost in the dark areas.

    I am also thinking if it would have looked better with the second chair completely in the frame? Not sure what you think 🙂

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      Hello Dahlia this is an old photo rediscovered last week. I remember when framing the shot it was a conscious decision to cut the second chair. The half chair right on the edge of the shot makes the viewer look twice and raises questions as to why. The dark areas and the post processing in its entirety is to give the shot a sort of uneasy edge. With two chairs and a more usual approach to PP I think it would fall into the mundane category. Thank you very much for calling by.

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    I am drawn to this image. The geometry is superb. The waves in the floor echo the roundness of the chair back and the door arch. What a fantastic sign! Great texture. A wonderful color palette. Onto being a Shark. My first thought was that it was too bad the second chair was cut off. Of course, who knows what else would have been in the picture if it had been included. Pictures taken in this kind of setting often have very yellow cast. If it were my image, I would do a slight White Balance correction. I wish you had posted your EXIF. That would be a teaching moment for me. Like Dahlia, for me some of the picture seems a little dark. I wonder if this could have been managed at the time of the taking or if it truly is a post processing issue. You have taken a very interesting image. It is a keeper.

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      F 1.8 30mm ISO 200 1/60th second

      I think I was drawn to the same things in this shot when I rediscovered it. My thoughts on the second chair are what would it add other than making the shot into what one would normally expect. Cutting the chair challenges the viewer more. The color cast and the darkness are by choice and suited my memories of this place. Through the doors was a storage are for old and broken church paraphernalia. Broken statues of saints a nativity setting where Josephs head was missing John the Baptist with one eye and the thing I was sorely tempted to remove and bring home was a bishops type hat all battered and ragged but still obvious as to what it was. Not enough light in the room to get a shot unfortunately

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    Graham Hart

    I like the composition of this pic Billyspad and I like the light and symbolism throughout. It does have a yellow tinge to it but I think it adds a parchment-like feel to the image. I’m not so fussed about the cut off chair but the cut off door jamb on the right bothers me a bit.

    The red (there’s that magic colour again) plastic chairs and the door sign juxtapose the iron cross, stone wall and doorway entrance. It says something about the battle between old culture and the new world.

    Looking closer at the doors themselves, they seem to be purpose-made to appear olde-worlde. I notice the saw marks follow the tops of the doors onto the door jambs. The vague interior also looks like it contains modern shiny steel fixtures so maybe this is a nightclub or something similar? I’m curious if the door sign has been composited as it looks a little sharp around the edges and a little brighter than its surrounds or if it is indeed a late addition by the owners?

    It’s an interesting shot with oodles of character but I wonder if a wider angle (surroundings permitting) would have helped the shot. It seems a little stagnant without a person in it. I would’ve loved to see a priest sitting in the chair nearest the door tapping on his mobile phone 🙂


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      Graham as explained above the thing with the chairs was very deliberate. This shot has not been cropped at all. Totally composed in camera.The doors are probably made from timber hundreds of years old and hacked at with a rusty saw until they almost fit! This is the Philippines the land of anything goes. The shiny object behind the doors is a cart used for trailing a statue of the Madonna or John the baptist through the streets depending which of the two festivals are happening. I blagged my way into this part of the church which is an unused storage area.
      Yep the sign is mine simply because I thought the scene needed something. Maybe in lieu of your clergyman texting?

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    Lenny Wollitz

    I hate to be contrary (not really) but I would like to see the photo without the red chairs.  The contrast (visual and mental) between the cross and the sign are very interesting and I think are a stand alone shot without the in your face red.

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    I think it was the chairs that attracted me to the shot mate. No idea why they would need chairs in that situation but must be important cos the buggers are screwed to the floor.
    Thank you for calling by Lenny much appreciated.

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    Hi Billyspad…………….yeah your colour balance is far to yellow which takes away from the impact.

    Really like the thinking………… side of image weakened by cutting through is well passable,but here both sides are weak……………………..make me look at the dominate area.

    k just me……………….want more door frame r/h…….lose chair l/h and black out the interior between the doors.(losing l/h chair might lose some of cross….hey doesnt matter if it still resembles a cross)

    why comment on this image………..cus theres something going on in the photographers brain that i like…………..maybe you have tried to encapsulate too much……………often less is more my friend! 🙂

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    OK you have spotted my weakness, well one of many, I always try and include too much and never know when to stop. Guilty as charged and you Mr Falxy are free to mention my over exuberance and maybe one day I will get the message.

    Thank you for calling by my friend

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