why are my images hazy?

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      Sarthak Choudhary

      I accidentally got the front element of my lens(AF-P 70-300 mm) wet while taking some pictures near the beach. After allowing the water to evaporate, I dusted the salt residue with a brush. Later I cleaned it with a lens pen.

      While taking pictures of a friend, I noticed the images taken in bright day light with Af-p 70-300 mm were hazy while those taken with Af-p 18-55 are pretty clean. For comparison I took images with the two lenses at same camera setting:

      The image taken with 70-300 is dark and hazy. As a matter of fact, I can see the difference even while looking through the viewfinder.

      A close inspection of the lens reveals a scratch.

      What should I do?

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      Sarthak Choudhary

      The Scratch/smudge whatever it is, I never noticed it before.

      I was really careful to not leave any scratches while cleaning it, but it still scratched the lens.

      Can they re-coat the front element? Is that possible?

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      Bruce Gordon

      I don’t have an answer to fix the problem. However, this is one great reason I always have a filter of some sort mounted on my lens, even if it’s just a clear ‘haze’ filter. It’s a much cheaper option to replace a filter…

      If you use Lightroom, you may try selecting the ‘Enable Lens Corrections’ option under the Optics section of the edit menu. That should fix the dark corners and edges.

      I’m sure someone can offer some advice on a remedy for the lens smudge. Best of luck to you!


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      Robert Apple

      In the photo it looks like you have some haze developing on the lens, it could be internal , the area circled looks almost like coating separation. They can replace just the front lens, and the whole thing cleaned and calibrated if needed. I had this done on a 6oomm zukio last year and paid more for shipping then the repair, not sure on the cost for your lens but give Nikon a call. I used a independent outfit in California that did factory authorized repair on most brands, but cant think of the name off hand .

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      Sarthak Choudhary

      So, I visited the Nikon Service Centre and the good people over there cleaned the lens with 100% pure alcohol.

      It turns out there was no loss of coating or anything, just residue from sea water and whatever crap was in that lens pen. The lens looks like new.

      Thanks everyone.

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        chris pook

        All is well that ends well.

        And if it is not well?

        It is not the end!

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