Yellowstone River

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      I took this over ten years ago with a Sony something-or-other set to God-knows-what. I like the colors more than anything.Below the Upper Falls

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      Jasenka G

      Hi Greg, agreed on the colors here! Those layers of colors make the image really strong and the diagonal composition works great. I wouldn’t change anything here. The image looks slightly over-sharpened but I guess that’s because the old camera resolution wasn’t that great.

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      Petr Nowak

      hi Greg, I like subtle colors. I like “topography” composition with shapes dominate over perspective/depth. Especially top part reminds me aerial photo of coastline/sea.

      I don’t have thoughs concerning PP. I wonder if it’d be better to choose different angle to have better composition of FG orange rock and/or trees. Just wondering…

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Hi Greg,

      I like the three layers in the image. The colours are pleasing. One suggestion I have is to slightly darken the foreground as it looks a bit bright. Not sure what you think 🙂

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      I still can’t figure out how to answer an individual post. Jasenka, I just ran Topaz’ AI Sharpen on it as a matter of course, forgetting that over-sharpening is a thing, and not necessarily a good one.

      Petr, I’m sure there would have been any number of better compositions. Maybe I’ll get back to Yellowstone before the caldera beneath it blows up into the upper atmosphere. 🙂

      Dahlia, I agree now that you say it – I’ll be working on darkening the FG a bit.

      As always, thanks for the responses — they are always appreciated.

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      Anne Hornsby

      Hi Greg.  I like this shot.  My suggestion is to reduce the amount of the orange foreground rock to not have it dominate the eye.  This allows the river to continue running down left, off the edge of the photo. which I really like for the composition.

      So, here is my suggested crop – I also cropped in a bit from the left



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      I like your edits — they do tame the large, unfocused rock with the orange lichen. I really like the orange against the deep, rich green of the river, but I never considered that it may be crowding the river a bit.

      Thank you.

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      Apart from leaving me in despair ………………tis rubbish that could be brought round by software and friends………… (:

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