A Beach Moment

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      With impending weather, this girl found a moment of joy.

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      Kent DuFault

      I like the moment. I think the framing is off, the subject is too far to the edge. Also, there is something unnatural about the shadowing of the subject’s upper body. It looks like you tried to burn it darker in post. When I looked at the photo large, I noticed that the woman has a halo around her. I also saw a pattern in the sky, which looks more like film grain than digital noise to my eye. I’m wondering if you scanned this from a negative or a print? One final comment. The surf is white. Even in stormy conditions, it would still appear white. In your picture, it’s a dull gray.

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      I’d say that the main issue here is burning of the subject, just like Kent has already mentioned. In order to make it more precise, you can either use a smaller brush or perhaps a quick selection tool.

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Hi Frank, I love silhouettes and liked this when I first saw it.  Very obvious story.   I agree with Kent about the framing and would like a little more space behind the subject.

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      try adjusting the tones using a luminosity mask instead of burning.  it’ll keep the halos in check.  i like the moment you caught.  the diagonal shoreline helps add some movement and excitement to the image.

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      Thanks.  Maybe I’ll just keep the color and crop.


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      Whoops, wrong image above.   Back to color.    And, as suggested by others:  Darkened with curves to get more sky detail.  Moved her to the rule of thirds line, whitened the waves with luminosity masking and dodging.  Chose to go back to color.

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        Kent DuFault

        That last color version nails it, Frank. Good shot!

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      Hi Frank….yeah not bad and the water off her left foot just makes it man!! 🙂

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      Yes, colour for me Frank. And with all respect to Kent – I’d like the girl somewhere between where she is in the 1st & last crops. She’s too far ‘in’ for my liking in the last one.

      Something like this:


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