Capturing Early Morning Sunlight

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    Sujeet Deshpande


    Image below was captured using an Nikon D90 set to Manual Focus @ ISO 200 and 1/100 sec shutter speed using a Samyang 14mm/f2.8 lens @ f11 aperture. Post processing included – Exposure Compensation +0.75; Dehaze filter +30%; Levels adjustment; Sharpening with High pass Filter @ 1 pixel. Personally I do not like to post process my images unless they have obvious issues. I like to keep any post processing to a bare minimum.

    I would love to hear constructive feedback on Composition, Exposure and Post Processing or anything else which needs to be corrected.

    Morning Watch

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    Lynne Guenther

    It’s a nice shot. i’d remove the very top cloud bc it’s a little distracting

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    Lynne Guenther

    oh, i don’t know what the subject is though so it’s a little busy. dog? if so, i’d make him lighter

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    Erik Fransman

    Hi Sujeet, I do like post-processing because my images usually need that.
    IMHO, yours need it too.
    Your image is called: Capturing Early Morning Sunlight so I would like to see a bit more early morning sunlight.
    Increase the contrast and add some sunshine.
    Now it is a bit flat overall.
    I like the feeling of the dog staring into the valley.

    You have NO to other member editing your images. Otherwise, we could show what we mean.


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