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    woke up early yesterday morning and took some photos of Portland’s bridges.  Trying to make interesting pictures out of a cloudy and hazy day.

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    Aperture 4, ISO 100, shutter speed 1/320, 55 mm

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    Aperture 4.5, ISO 100, 1/640, 70 mm

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    4.0 aperture, 100 ISO, 1/400, 55 mm

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    Hi Laura. I suggest submitting these on separate threads for critique, Sharks are so easy to confuse. Does the EXIF pertain to all 3 (or 4)? When I looked at the first one, I wanted to ask why you used f4? You lose focus on the handrail close up. You have plenty of room to boost the iso, even on a dx, before worrying about noise. I like the top shot the best, but I would crop away some of the bottom left, at least the out-of-focus concrete post-top. I would’ve positioned myself a few steps further to the right, to separate the streetlamp from the bridge cable: it would pop more against the trees. Cloudy days are good for rich colors, and I think you can extract a lot more from these. You have a lot of color separation in this image, and you could manipulate it with a hue/sat’n layer. If you darken the blues, you’ll darken all those trees in the background without much affecting the bridge. If you brighten them, the trees will go hazy (you can do this with dehaze, too). Play with cyan for the bridge, maybe darken and up-saturate the reds for the pavement.

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    Lenny Wollitz

    too many photos at one time

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    So sorry, I’ll try to delete them.

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