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      Petr Nowak

      Making blurred images isn’t reliable “sport”. But sometimes it hit a spot. CC?

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      Love it Petr. Its exciting and visually stimulates with some nice thought and work in the framing. Got a feeling some pixel peeper will suggest darkening the bright areas. But for me change nothing fella. You knew it had hit the spot when ya posted it so keep it exactly as it is. POTW for me which possibly gives it the kiss of death but if you can produce stuff like this you can afford to miss out on the odd prize giving ceremony. Wonderful work my man.

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      Hi Petr, very special image, not in the last place by its lovely wide format, really helps the image here. Despite the blur is huge, there is still just enough left to make it intriguing in objects as in lines. Especially the vertical line and interruption to its left keep it interesting. If I need to make some negative comment (but who am I)  I would prefer to see the center person just a tiny bit more outstanding in the blur (less blurry), looking at your movement that was probably the intention for you too? But that’s just taste and we can argue there forever. Lovely image, indeed change nothing, print big and hang above your bed, has the right format for it too 🙂

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      Graham Hart

      I like this a lot Petr. I think the subject matter (manequins) have lent themselves very well to this type of motion blur imaging and as Billy pointed out, the framing works very well also. I particularly like the way the piece itself bleeds into the frame which then becomes an integral part of the image rather than a simple border. I agree with Bert that I would have liked to see the central figure in a bit more focus. All leading lines point to him but he’s a little ill-defined when the eye arrives there. Hair splitting aside, great image.

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      Tom M

      I like this image quite a lot. It’s unusual,different, like something out a Matrix movie, but the 3 hot lines in there bother me some too. I wish they wern’t there. How was this made if I can ask?

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      This shot works for me too. It looks like an abstract painting and this wide format is unusual but very appropriate in this case.

      While I don’t mind blurriness, this image looks a bit too grainy (for my taste). I would probably try to reduce the noise.

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      Petr Nowak

      Thanks all for your kind words.

      @Billy: “Kiss of death” ? Omg, why?

      @Tom: long time and zooming during exposition. I try such type of photo again and again but good result is very rare. This shopping window had the right content, very interesting light and finally the central figure.

      @Graham: yes, better focused central figure would add something special and would put this image into 5 star category (imho).

      @Jasenka: I usually don’t care about grain too much. My 2/3″ camera chip is a little bit noisy especially in worse light conditions. I’ll try to remove noise.

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      Anne Hornsby

      Very cool, Petr!    I love the blue frame around the manekins, with shadows spilling into it & the door frame at the bottom.  What is the source of the blue frame?

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      I really like this image, Petr!  Very imaginative and captivating.  The dark area to the left of centre worried me somewhat though.  Here is my small suggested alteration, which is only on the frame. I think that by doing this the image does not then seem divided into two parts.

      In view of the previous comments, however, I may well get howled down.  Que sera!

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      Petr Nowak

      @Anne: I think the blue frame is saturated evening blue color cast. Image was taken during evening and white balance adapted to shop window content. The blue frame is a building facade lighted by evening (blue) ambient light only. And post process saturation did the final job.

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      As others have said, a very nice image Petr!

      The only thought I have is to lighten the dark centre ‘very slightly’ as it appears to be a black hole for my eyes.  But with that said… compare this adjusted version with the original image posted and check to see if makes any difference to your eyes.  This is one of those things that – may – or may not – do anything for an image. But I find sometimes the subtlest of changes can make a difference.

      Either way, a very nice image.


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      Not sure about everyone else, but my eye goes straight to the red arrow and the dark part next to it. Not sure if that is intended or not.

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