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    Maureen Photograph

    90 mm.  1/250.  F3.5.  ISO 3200.  Auto exposure with -1.7 compensation.

    I find it quite challenging to take pictures of ballet performances, especially getting the focus and using the right setting mixture.   Major processing steps included noise reduction in PS Camera Raw, some glamour glow in Nik, and b/w conversion using a high contrast Nik filter.

    Would appreciate any and all comments about this image, and I thank you.

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    Excellent composition, Maureen!   The only aspect which worries me is that the sleeves of his blouse are so white and compete with the woman for attention.  I would definitely tone down (a bit) those sleeves.  The fact that he is very dark works well because it has the effect of focusing on the woman and her dramatic expression and the marvellous flowing dress.

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    Maureen Photograph

    Good point Mistyisle.  Sometimes I was wondering about that myself.

    Yes, I’m dependent upon the lines and shapes to create the drama in most of these shots, because I’m capturing the dancers  in static or semi-static positions.  It’s hard to capture fast-action shots because the shutter speed isn’t fast enough, so they don’t come out sharp.

    The ballerina is the lovely Ukrainian-American Kseniya Melyukhina, performing at New England Movement Arts in Burlington, Massachusetts USA.  Her partner is a principal dancer at a major ballet company in southeastern USA, whose name I can’t publish due to his association with that company.  This performance was directed by Romanian-American ballet master Cosmin Marculetiu.  “Giselle” is a tragic love story in which her lover is betrothed to another, which explains her sad countenance.

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    Maureen: Lovely. the black and white is stunning.  i agree about toning down the sleeves. not sure if it would take away from the whole feeling of the picture but he has no legs or feet from the calves down. on purpose?

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      Dorothy guy could not find his ballet shoes so was wearing Doc Martins. The snapper thought it best to disguise that.

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    Maureen this is stunning. As a big fan of ballet I do not think you could have done it any better. Tone down this,feet missing, ALL BS and excessive pixel peeping. Step back and view how the grace and flowing lines of these two dancers has been captured. His arm gracefully outstretched ready to embrace his partner and bring her closer to him knowing it cannot be a lasting moment but only to satisfy his lust. The fact he is betrothed to another woman fits perfectly with the fact that much of him is the shadow except for the arms in which she wishes to fall. Tone em down my bum! Its exquisite madam and the moment you chose to click the shutter shows you understand the art of ballet. Her position the way she holds her hands and her facial expression have been captured perfectly to tell the story of this ballet.

    Wonderful stupendous and just so good I may buy Mrs Billy a chocolate bar!

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      Graham Hart

      Agree with Billy (WTF?), this is stunning.

      Hair splitting stuff (only seen after clicking for bigger);
      – the sleeves brightness
      – odd patch of light just in front of his shins
      – the light flare around his fingers
      (The missing legs also appear when viewed larger)

      I also did a quick edit to see how it looked with the bright strip along the bottom of his vest removed and I think it adds to the dynamic without that distraction but I understand the ethics of accurate representation favoured by some. Otherwise POTW in my book!


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        Graham you agree with Billy cos he has impeccable taste in all things snapping!

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    Maureen Photograph

    Gosh thanks.  All good thoughts.  It helped having stupendous dancers on the stage!

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      Do not sell yaself short! Yep fine dancers but absolutely first rate snapping.

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    Remarkable detail in the lower dress and man’s sleeve. Wonderful capture of the expression.   Excellent!

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    Robert Apple

    Your Photo was recognized in the Members Picks Week of May 6 Forum  ⬅ Click Here

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    Maureen Photograph

    I am honored about Members Pick of Week – thank you billyspad.  I always love your comments, very thorough and funny!

    I appreciate the fine-detail comments too.  I enter in some competitions and the judges can be sticklers for stuff like that.  In addition, if I print, little flaws stand out like sore thumbs.

    By the way here’s the color version, just to show it.  (No need to say you prefer the B&W.)

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    excellent ps work removing the background and converting it to b&w.  you’ve created some truly beautiful images.

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