Irongray Church

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      John Douglas

      Please critique the attached image.Date taken 25/03/2017 1339hrs

      Camera Nikon D3300

      Lens VR  18 – 55mm

      File size 5531 x 3687 4.91 mb

      20mm ISO100 1/160 fio

      -3.3EV Direct Sunlight

      Irongray Church  Near Dumfries, Scotland

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      John Thompson

      Hello John.  I think the crop at the top of the image is a bit tight and on the right side as well.  When your view your image in the viewfinder check to make sure you are not cutting things off like the tree on the right.  It is always a good idea to capture some things as a whole and then you can crop what you do not like.  I would also get rid of the stone wall in the lower right

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      In conjunction with what John has said, I would apply a lens correction to correct the vertical distortion.

      Also, if the lens correction does – not – correct the vertical misalignment, I would then/also pick one of the ‘vertical’ corners of the church and make that the vertical reference of the image.  Currently it appears that the church is – leaning to the right.

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      John Douglas

      Hi John Thompson & Bucweeet,

      Thank you for your critique on the Irongray Church, it is most welcome.




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      Erik Fransman

      Hi John,
      Yes, lens correction.
      It is a bit to blue for my taste. I would make it warmer and add some contrast. And crop. There is too much lose space.
      The sky is quite dull, so why don’t you try to replace it with a bit more exciting sky. (some, not too much, clouds)
      But even having done all that, the image does not hold too much interest for me. It lacks something, for example two nuns picnicking in the grass or boys playing soccer. Just try to imagine if you would have that, how the image might come alive.
      But, there were no boys or nuns, so you will have to do with this.

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      Dahlia Ambrose


      Hi John, welcome to light stalking.

      Looks like the image was shot from a very low angle and so most of the Church (the bottom part) got hidden behind the walls. Also, looks like there are other things around the Church (are they cemeteries?). It would be nice to have more of the Church (including the bottom part) in the frame.

      If you get a chance to visit again, try a different perspective. A bit higher up, so that you are above those stones on the bottom right. The architecture, colour contrast look good (similar to the Portuguese architecture).

      Other than that, like what other members have mentioned, a perspective correction, more space on top of the church and removing the stones on the bottom right will help make the image stand out.

      The colour of the sky looks a little bit tinted towards the pink side. Decreasing the tint a bit (very slightly) would help get the correct colour, unless you wanted it that way 🙂

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      Welcome, John.  As Dahlia says, go back and try a different perspective,  but even try  beyond the wall.  Erik mentions inserting a different sky, which I applaud.  It is an very interesting building, one worth putting in the effort to get a different shot.  Maybe from behind a gravestone?


      The Crichton Memorial Church would be another interesting subject.  🙂

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      Rob Wood (Admin)

      I would have said exactly the same things as @nikon-nut

      Great minds or something like that 😉

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      Petr Nowak

      As other have said – the bad:

      • missing correction of verticals
      • tight crop
      • stone wall in lower right

      But the main problem I see (subjective point of view) is the image isn’t interesting. I miss something exceptional like light, some people, interesting angle, etc…

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