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    I was recently introduced to Low Level Landscape Lighting (LLLL), a technique often used for AstroLandscape photography.

    At it’s most basic LLLL is the use of a relatively low output light source to illuminate the foreground landscape features – or in my case the background features – so that you get detail instead of just silhouettes.

    I thought I would have a go on my recent trip to Queenslands granite belt. Despite the fact that I had left my dimmable light source at home, I always have a few of these $2 COB LED lights in my light painting kit, which work amazingly well.

    In fact – my only complaint was that it was too bright, even when positioned about 5m away.

    There are flaws in the images – but then if we got everything right on the first attempt how would we ever learn?


    I cant wait to get out again and take my dimmable light to see what I can create!


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    Dahlia Ambrose

    These images are great David. Did you do the light painting of the orb and patterns first and then paint the background?

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    Thanks Dahlia.

    No – the LED light is one the whole time that I am creating the image.

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    Hello David, thank you for the useful info on LLLL. Maybe we could write a blog post about it 🙂

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      Sounds like a good idea Jasenka. I will probably need to shoot a few more imgages, but will definitely do something soon.


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    John Thompson

    David these are superb as usual.  I have been thinking about getting out at night to try to capture the night sky at Red Rock.  I have been thinking about how to lighten the foreground without it being overbearing.

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    Inpressive David, looking forward to seeing what you do next time.

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    Kent DuFault

    Very interesting! The very first time I ever used ‘painting with light’ in my studio- I used a variety of flashlights, because I couldn’t afford the professional light painting kits. That little light switch really throws off some light!

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    Lynne Guenther

    Very impressive!

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